Вasic information about Saudi Arabia

The official name of Saudi Arabia is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom of the Saudi family, which united the tribal countries around the Arabian Peninsula about 90 years ago. Saudi Arabia is a powerful royal monarchy, and all state ministries, such as politics, economics, and education, are planned and run by the royal family.

After developing oil fields in eastern Saudi Arabia in the 1930s, it entered a prosperous era of “oil-rich country”.

As of 2020, 11 million foreigners out of the country’s 34 million population live and work in all spheres, regardless of public / private difference. In terms of foreigners, the majority are 2.5 million Syrians, 1.5 million Indians and 1 million Pakistanis, followed by Egypt, Yemen, Bangladesh and the Philippines from 600,000 to 700,000 each, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Sudan and Yoddan. Palestine., Turks live from 200,000 to 500,000 each.

Explanation of  the process of employment, immigration and initial settlement in Saudi Arabia

Working  information can be easily found through Google. If you send resumes and relevant documents to the place of work, you can usually find out if you have passed the first round within 2-3 weeks, and if you need an interview, use the phone or video program. Congratulations! By receiving an email that begins with this word, you begin the first step in the long and protracted Saudi Arabia work immigration process.

The company enters into an employment contract and sponsorship, sends a letter of invitation, and the process of issuing a work visa begins with this invitation. It requires a number of related documents, such as academic reports, work experience, health status and criminal history, and each document must be certified by the Saudi Cultural Center and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Submit the necessary documents to the Visa Application Center, which issues Saudi visas, together with the established visa fee. If all procedures go smoothly, we can say that the visa is very successful.

Saudi Arabia is a place with so many variables. If you decide to enter Saudi Arabia for work, you will have to get used to humbly accept the difficulties of each process.

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When you arrived in Saudi Arabia

Leaving the airport, you will see Saudis everywhere in white coats and red hoods. Welcome to Saudi Arabia!

If you have successfully entered the country, it is time to create a card for the residence of a foreigner called “IQAMA”. In case you have a simple medical test to issue and have hepatitis or tuberculosis, your residence permit may be denied. If you pay an issuance fee of 500 riyals, you will receive a one-year residence permit. This residence permit is usually renewed annually for the same amount.

If you have been issued an Ikama, you must open a bank account and a mobile phone. In Saudi Arabia, bank accounts and personal contacts are linked to all working processes, so you must use the account in your name and mobile phone number.

After receiving your Ikama, bank account and mobile phone number, you can enter your information on the portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the future, in case of violation of the signal while driving, the violation of the signal and the fine will be automatically sent to your mobile phone via text message, and the violator will have to pay the fine from the account associated with the government portal.

After completing all immigration procedures and issuing a residence permit, you can peacefully start working in Saudi Arabia.

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