10 Affordable Tips for Revamping Your Bedroom

After a long and tiring day, we crash into our bedrooms and drift off into a world where we can be alone without thoughts or just relax. However, we could not really relax in our bedrooms if all we see is mess, clutter, and overstimulating decoration, right? Some people might think that bedrooms are just a place where we sleep. What they do not know is maintaining your bedroom in its messy state will make you more stressed than ever. If you want to make a change and create a safe haven out of your bedroom, here are a few tips for revamping and decluttering it:

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1. Keep your valuables in place

One of the many reasons why we mess up our bedroom all the more is that we do not keep things, especially valuables, in their rightful place. This is the reason why when we look for, say, our earrings, we still need to turn out bedrooms upside down just to find them. To avoid this, it is good to explore different jewelry storage ideas that perfectly fit our room design and lifestyle. Having a specific place for your jewelry based on your everyday routine will help make your bedroom less messy and more organized.

2. Secure your bed

You need to think about your bed first when you revamp your bedroom. The reason for this is because your bed takes up most of your bedroom space. You need to plan well where you will put your bed and not just cram it somewhere.

3. Declutter your bedroom

Since your bedroom is nothing but a mess, it is crucial to declutter your bedroom and get rid of all things that you do not need, even those that you think you will need in the future but never actually did. We know it is difficult to say goodbye to some of your stuff because we are sentimental about it. However, the truth is we need to let go of some of it so things will be more orderly. You will be surprised at how much space you can free up once you put your extra stuff on a Fulham self storage facility.

4. Rearrange your bedroom

Rearranging your bedroom is an affordable way of revamping it—it is even free! You can also give your bedroom a dramatic makeover in just a short amount of time and little effort. Consider your lifestyle, so you can rearrange your bedroom more efficiently. Think about the furniture pieces in your bedroom that you never actually use. Consider removing extra furniture in your bedroom and replacing it with space-saving solutions. This will help make your bedroom more spacious and relaxing.

5. Change your beddings and pillowcases dramatically

In with new beddings and pillowcases. Your bed becomes the focus of your bedroom, so you better change into more aesthetically pleasing duvets and pillowcases. This can make great changes to your bedroom. It can make your bedroom look like a hotel if you choose the right beddings. For starters, try choosing white beddings to make your bedroom look clean. You can also try out dark and neutral colors or patterns.

6. Categorize your stuff

As we said earlier, your things become more messed up because you cannot immediately see the things you need. You tend to take out a lot of stuff before actually finding what you need. With this, all you need to do is sort your stuff by category. You will need lots of containers and cabinets here. To suit the theme that you want for your bedroom, choose smart storage solutions that go well with your entire bedroom.

7. Plan your lighting

Lighting does a lot about the mood of your bedroom more than you know. Especially when you want your bedroom to have much comforting and welcoming feel, choosing the right lighting makes a big yet affordable difference. You can choose between wall sconces or bedside lamps. Which do you think will look better in your bedroom? It is also best to have warm lighting in your bedroom which will invite a more homelike feel. You can also have a cool light option when you want a more modern, cleaner look. Warm light works best if you want a more traditional look.

8. Repaint your walls

Repainting your walls will make big changes in your bedroom. It also offers a low-cost solution to making your bedroom look like a messy one to a hotel-grade room. You can look up online for inspiration when painting your bedroom with the right color. Make sure to balance out the bright and neutral colors. If you want a simpler yet relaxing look, you can just paint your walls white and have an accent wall that will make your room look elegant. For your accent wall, you might choose a more toned-down color that is not too hurtful on the eyes, like old rose, pale blue or grey, mint, or any other color along with those tones.

9. Consider adding rugs

Now that you have changed your lighting, your bedsheets, and your walls, all that is left from your surfaces are revamping your floor. If your floor does not look that flattering, it will help to install rugs that will add drama to your bedroom. A good one can make your room look like a boho-looking room or a sleek modern one.

10. Balance decoration and storage solutions

Now that most of the important spots in your bedroom are done, you can now decorate. You can add plants and succulents, paintings, sculptures, and more. Have a balance for your room to not be too over-decorated. Put ample cabinets, racks, and hooks in your room that will hold things in place.

Have fun and express yourself

These tips will help you revamp your bedroom and make it look more orderly. All you need is to have the right inspiration by researching. The right materials will also help you start your decluttering. Check out online sites like storables.com for storage solutions that will help you choose the right stuff for your new room.

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