10 Countries That Love to Play สล็อตออนไลน์

Though traditional สล็อตmachines and casinos are pretty popular everywhere, สล็อตออนไลน์ are coming off with a boost due to everyone doing their work online. So, why not refreshment with some gambling online? Among gambling, สล็อตออนไลน์ is the most famous as they are simple and do not require any sort of skill to win. Also, the revenues generated by slots are not less therefore, helps a country with funds for development. The best example would be Vegas, known as the gambling capital and leading a lavish lifestyle nonetheless.

Countries are not lagging behind the fact that great revenues are generated with the help of online slots. Therefore, coming up with official and certified companies of slots would make it more enjoyable and will attract a lot more people than usual. In recent times, many small and underdeveloped countries are legalizing online slots and casinos. Here, is the list of 10 Countries that play สล็อตออนไลน์ most:

1. The United States –

What country did you expect the first one in the list other than the United States? It has a large population of not only gambling fans as well as of online slots. The gambling industry is worth more than 270 billion dollars. Vegas and the nearby regions like Nevada generate most of them. Though Vegas is considered the capital of gambling, the United States as a whole mostly plays online slots (almost 70%) nowadays as it is more convenient.

2. China –

Though gambling is banned in China, Macau and Hong Kong are still in online gambling under specified laws and restrictions. Macau has grown off the charts and most revenue is generated by gambling. Also, the online slots are quite popular there and allow a whole range of players to play exciting and entertaining slot games throughout. Almost 30% of the revenue is gained from this form.

3. Australia –

Australia was always one of the countries that love to gamble the most. About more than 79.9% of people out there love to gamble. They are also attracted to online slots and pokers due to the convenience and more fun. The online slots have quirky outlooks so attract a lot of audiences out there and no tax on winnings as well. So, we can win hefty money if we are very lucky. Canberra, the capital and Sydney generates a lot of revenue through สล็อตออนไลน์, the สล็อตis open to an international audience. That’s the magic of online slots, you get to play an Australian slot although you are in Kuwait.

4. The United Kingdom –

The United Kingdom has several online slot users as well, as it has a lot of legalized and certified websites. The most popular and trusted are the PG slots, Betway, and many others. It has the world’s best slot websites that assure you to never bore. Lots of games with distinctive features are available and they allow a lot of international users as well. London, Birmingham are the ones with the most traffic for online slots. People in the UK have no restrictions except the legal age. Not many countries can match up to their number of websites and online activity.

5. Canada –

Online slots are quite popular in Canada because they have one of the largest and fastest-growing casino portals in the world. They aren’t restricted from the government for online gambling, just one needs to be of the legal age. Studies show that there are as much as 60% to 65% engage in online slots in Canada. Although the laws aren’t strict for playing online the revenue generated is under strict supervision. The government sees no threat to online slots. Scotia, Saskatchewan has more online activities than the rest of the country.

6. Singapore –

Despite being a small country, this country is limited to a few casinos and slots in real-time. As a result, most residents shifted to online สล็อตa long time back. As choices are limited in real-time, online slots provide diversity and more variance in the game which is enjoyed by the maximum residents living there. In most Asian countries including Singapore, playing online slots is a favorite hobby.

7. Italy –

Italy goes on par with the United Kingdom in online slots availability. The country has legalized online gambling and very strict on unregistered websites. So it’s very safe to play slots online in Italy. It has a large number of online customers almost 62.23%of the population. Its online gambling growth is only second to the UK in Europe. Since the legalization, the number of online users also increased and generates a hefty revenue out of licensed companies.

8. Ireland –

Irish people love gambling and it’s proven by the fact they have perfectly legalized any sort of gambling. The websites have their license and unauthorized sites are frowned upon. They have a lively audience of online slots. Almost 61.85% of people play online slots daily. Here, online sites are friendly and very stylish. Though a lot of casinos are present in real-time, people prefer online slots because they have a lot more to choose from, extravagant bonuses, and visually appealing. All of these at a single touch so people are playing online rather than going in person. By visiting this site you can know about the most popular online casino sites called pgslot.

9. Spain –

Online gambling is not purely legal in Spain but a company having a Spanish license is legally allowed to establish its market. Spain casinos are very expensive compared to online ones, so สล็อตออนไลน์are also quite a hit here. Almost 36.3% of the population play slots online. It’s very natural to attract users online as multiple licensed partners only operate the website thus making it very safe and on top of that a lot of revenue is generated for the government. The government had the hindsight of the growing online gambling potential and took advantage of it splendidly.

10. Finland –

Considered the happiest country in the world, Finland has legalized online gambling. People here are sporty hence love the online slots. A lot of users switched to online slots due to their diversity and amazing gameplay. Almost 42% engage in online slots and it’s been on the rise for about two years now.

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