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101 Guide To Free Seo Rank Tracking Software

People have been utilizing the Internet for a long time now. They didn’t know how to use it efficiently in earlier days, but people now know how the Internet surrounds them after a few years of advancement and modernization. Everything is available on the Internet, the Internet works on data, and this data is taken from us. So, we can define the Internet as a medium of information exchange.

Now coming to the main point, businesses are using the Internet to explore and advertise. They want to attract potential customer to come to their website and view their brands. To increase their visibility among tons of data, they are using rankings to reach people. When it comes to showcasing a product so that more people are aware of benefits, businesses use many short to long term strategies and this ranking is the best they’ve got only if they know how to track rankings. There are many free seo rank tracking software available in the market, which can help track keywords and find where they stand among the other websites by the same keyword. It has many tools, which is discussed later.

What are Rankings?

Let’s understand this with an example, the student who has a top rank is loved by the teacher the most. Consider that the student is the website and teacher our target audience, now because our website is at the top of all data, people or audience will love to visit them more than the website with a low ranking. The ranking is the website’s position in SEO which appears when we search the keyword associated with our site. The ranking on different platforms and different locations can differ. If one has a top-ranking, they are eligible to attract more audience.

What is rank tracking, and how is it important to business?

Rank tracking means monitoring the ranking, any movement of rank from its position, and developing awareness about the keywords, which can put the website in a higher position.

It is important to businesses in the following ways-

  • One can know in what ways the keyword is affecting the ranking? Is it searched often on the search engine? One can know what changes to make to increase their ranking and get to more people.
  • It helps business track get to know new trending keywords to include them and gain benefit in ranking.
  • Rank tracking helps to show the benefits of using a keyword by taking the ranking high and by demonstrating the effects of taking the ranking down.
  • It helps in demonstrating the effect of our keyword on the mind of the audience. If the impact is overwhelming to the audience, then the strategy worked. If not, then one has to make changes.
  • Sources like free seo rank tracking software help businesses in optimization and to increase ranking.
  • Get to know what position your competitors are in? One can compare and plan accordingly to beat them.

Some useful rank tracking tools

Tools which are available in free seo rank tracking software-

  • Keyword planner – This special tool helps business plan the keyword according to the keyword’s detailed analysis, usage, and appearances in the search results. One can use this tool to get ahead in the ranking of the website on the result page. It does all the work for you.
  • Word Counter- Word count of the content matters a lot when one talks about rankings. Appropriate content will help tread higher in rank than irregular content with no eligible word count. For this, this tool is helpful. It analyzes the content and tells a total number of words, characters, lines and other details, which the business owners utilize to rectify their content before putting it on the Internet.

Some facilities by the rank tracking software-

  • 24-hour communication channel to solve any of the client’s queries, available all days a week.
  • Money return policy can get back the money in 30 days if the software could not help.
  • All the online transactions made are secured.

Rank tracking and SEO tools can produce good leads to the businesses; one must keep tracking their rank to obtain experience, which can be used in optimization in future to gain more audience.

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