13 annoying types of people you’ll find in everyone on the team

Even in a cohesive, friendly, hard-working team, there will be those who will annoy others. How to learn not to react to provocation and how to determine in advance from which of the colleagues in the future to expect a large number of problems?

Do you have the feeling that you go to the office like you go to war? Are you annoyed by some employees with their unpleasant habits? Are you already to the point where you are ready to quit your job and go nowhere? Calm down and be patient – after all, such original individuals can be found in almost every team.

1. lazy

He doesn’t want to do anything despite numerous requests – leave him alone, you can’t change him, let the management sort it out.

2. Unclean

He shows up at work early in the morning to greet you with the smell of sweat, onions, garlic, and any other unpleasant counterparts that can drown out even the pleasant aroma of coffee in your hand.

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3. Philosopher

There is no point in arguing with him because his opinion is the only one, sacred and true, and there is no chance of convincing him otherwise. He likes to keep everything under control, even you… even if he’s not your boss.

4. noisy

He produces more sounds than an orchestra – there are squeaks, cracks, knocks, groans, whimpers, grunts, and there are no interjections that he does not use at least once a day.

5. Phone maniac

It would be a huge mistake if you hand him the office phone. He will tease those around him all day with his conversations, but usually not office ones, but personal ones. Great, if the company is paying, he can talk all day… in the office, loudly.

6. Perfume lover

Everyone understands that he’s already arrived at work, having smelled the killer perfume while still in the elevator – well, if it’s not overly unpleasant.

7. Grim

He is like a thundercloud, you never see him smiling in the morning, and in the afternoon he is always dissatisfied – then hungry, then frozen, then tormented by the heat. He is never happy – any pleasant moment is instantly replaced by discontent.

8. Miss 4-hour workday

Why work eight hours a day? After all, it is absolutely insane and very exhausting. That is why this exemplar, annoying his colleagues, by his personal decision shortens his working hours by being late in the morning, leaving early in the evening, killing at least one hour on smoke breaks and numerous tea breaks, extending his lunch break and hiding by all the other ways he can think of. To eliminate this type of behevior you can useĀ employee hour tracker

9. The center of the universe

Don’t think of distracting yourself from him even for a moment when he is talking to you about something important to him, or switching to a topic of interest to you. He believes that everyone should revolve exactly around him and listen to his monologues about children, the other half, happy moments and impending problems.

10. The boss’s pet

He wants to be friends with his boss, agree with his every idea and please him in every way, and at the same time suck up to his colleagues to keep their loyalty. It is important for him to be liked by everyone and not to be confronted by anyone, so he wants to move up the career ladder as quickly as possible.

11. Hypochondriac.

He is always in a bad mood, and if you ask him what he is sick with and whether he should take sick leave, he will insist that he is indispensable, although he is often absent from the workplace without a valid reason. You get the impression from the outside that he is not working at all.

12. Pseudoboss

What could be more annoying than a colleague who lives like a boss, transferring his work to others? All the more so when he behaves more quietly than a real boss and can only mumble to justify himself.

13. Super Emotional

Whether he is happy or unhappy, you are bound to find out about it in a rather unpleasant way. Emotional outbursts are a must for him, and he believes that all colleagues must fully share his feelings.

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