Best Tips: How To Make An Arc Welding Machine At Home?

The best welding machine is arc welding, and replacing a solo microwave transmitter (MOT) can be extremely dangerous. A strong person can be exposed to UV rays, shocks, burns, explosions, smoke, and other hazards.

This task should not be undertaken without a thorough understanding of energy, parental supervision, and adequate training. Misuse of tools or projects, or careless use of tools or projects, can lead to significant injury or death. You do it at your own risk if you use this stuff.

Procedure To Make Arc Welding Machine

MoT(Microwave oven transfer)

Our first metal melter was used to melt the lead wires. But because the converter core was in good shape, I repurposed it to create an arc welder! The arc welder produced a lot of flames, but not enough to make the metal adhere, and the forms of art would break apart for no effort.

The wires would overheat and melt if We increased the power to the welder. Building the MOTs for a fresh primary follows the same procedure as the Metal Business can offer the program’s first few steps. I won’t spend so much time on the movie directions for that, and it’s a little redundant, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the clip or refer to the Tutorial.

Transformers transform

Obtain around 50 feet of 8 AWG isolated copper wires from a nearby retail shop. You could definitely save money by foraging for loose wire, but we went to the construction store’s “end of coiled” department and was ready to bargain a half-price deal on the cable, so the 50′ still cost me approximately $17.

A new secondary

A new secondary will be needed for these modified MOTs, 18 rounds of 8 AWG wire, and both MOTs will be series-connected. We also found that to get the output power, and I needed to run the system on 240 volts AC. I aimed to achieve 30+ volts AC with a variable amperage ranging from 0-120 amps.

Make the transplant

It’s a tight squeeze to get the auxiliary coil into the converter. Using a set of pliers to press the edges of the wire in and a rubber mallet to softly tap the wire down gave me the best results. If the coil doesn’t fit below the top edge of the transformer when it’s installed, you won’t be able to put the cover back on.

The method for securing the lid is the same as the Metal Melter project. Coat the whole upper area with 2 part resin glue, then restore the iron lid and push it firmly together and in screws or a massive vise. While the cement is setting, it’s essential to put a great deal of pressure on the joint. I let mine sit for about a day though a half. The transformer has been updated and is now ready to use! The secondary coil is crammed in there so tightly.

In part 2

So there you have it! An Arc welder’s primary components. It’s not tough to finish this system and turn it into a great little hobby welder from here. Part 2 will show you how to accomplish it.


We have discussed in detail how to make a machine at home? We have provided complete information regarding the best welding machine building.

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