3 Ideas for Lessons as a Spanish Teacher Online!

At this time, it is completely understandable that folks feel a bit anxious.

The majority of people are being requested to do something entirely new. You may be teaching live virtual courses, complete with IEPs and grades to deal with. Some of you are making phone calls to students and sifting your way through a multitude of emails daily.

For all of us, the physical and emotional health of our students is actually what we care about the most.

I understand that no matter how much you really care, you are still dealing with your own life! A lot of you are overwhelmed having to deal with your own children, caring for sick loved ones, or navigating your way through unrealistic expectations.

In this post, we learn more and focus on listing fun ideas for Spanish students and Spanish tutor online professionals.

Take the useful sources. Do not feel as if you should add anything that causes you to have more work than happiness. Below is a list of creative ideas for Spanish online learning classes:

Jokes For Spanish Students

These cute bilingual jokes are great for Spanish students, with visuals that support comprehension. You, as a Spanish tutor online professional, can post these jokes for fun, have learners translate them to English, or offer the joke and have the learners add visuals. In case you are looking for spanish translation services, you may check Languex translation agency for fast, accurate, and affordable translation services

Read Positive News Reports

It isn’t just us being overwhelmed by difficult news at this time. Students are also processing it. Below is a list of resources that Spanish tutors have compiled, for accentuating the positive within our world at this time:

  • Here’s a complimentary “magazine” of positive Spanish news. So far, there are two editions, and hopefully, there will be more!
  • This Google Slides presentation, as well as an assignment on positive Spain news also is uplifting and adorable!
  • Diego Ojeda has compiled these fun 5-minute videos that share happy, positive news from across the world. They’re also posted on EdPuzzle with scripts and activities to make it convenient for you.

A Spanish Tutor Online Can Introduce Spanish Memes

All Spanish students likely enjoy a good meme. Profe Tauchman offers free presentations of 101 Spanish memes if you aren’t certain where to find them.

Did you as a Spanish tutor online, like those three above ideas for lesson plans? Well, I’ve got two more for you!

The Spanish Tutor Online Should Offer a Variety of Games

Just because you aren’t physically together does not mean games while in class are over! It’s still possible to play the following games on the internet:

  • Quizizz
  • Kahoot
  • GimKit
  • Quizlet Live

Games such as Bingo still work, if you have the students create their own boards and listen as you call the terms out.

Shows In Spanish

Below is a list of some shows to use in Spanish class:

  • Netflix offers Nailed It Mexico
  • Netflix offers Go! Vive a Tu Manera
  • Available through Explorer or Safari and also on YouTube, Mi Vida Loca

The above lesson plan ideas concentrate on fun, healthy habits, self-care, and positive news without or with a screen. I hope they make your life a bit brighter while you create your lesson plans!

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