3 reasons why giving a glass set is the perfect housewarming gift for your friend!

Are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift? Look no further! Buying a high-end and designer glass set is the ideal present for those just moving into a new house or apartment. Let’s see the main reasons why buying an upscale and ritzy glassware set is better than other materials and can increase the aesthetic of your space!

3 designer glassware companies

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon has extraordinary collections in their glassware lines, such as the kitchen and dining lines. Look for glasses and cups that can be used for drinking beverages, storing items, or preserving liquids. You can also browse for other kitchen and dining accessories, such as glasses and cups, cocktail and wine, cooking and serving, and coffee and tea staples.

Armani / Casa

Armani has been around since 1975 and has been one of the leaders in quality glassware for people who want a luxury kitchen and dining options. Armani Casa has a Corelli glassware set that is made from crystal, with designer initials on the bottom of each piece. For those looking at intricate glassware sets made of high-quality material, consider this Giorgio Armani piece.


Amara has been the maker of high-quality glassware since 2005, making the perfect steps for any occasion! Whether you are throwing a holiday party, serving up some cocktails, or impressing your partner’s family, this company has all of your glassware needs.

3 reasons to choose a glass set as a housewarming gift!

If you wanna give a memorable and upscale gift for your friend moving into their new home or apartment, what is better than glassware? Not only will you use this glass set every time you come over for drinks and cocktails, but your friends can enjoy using glassware during special occasions, holidays, and impressing their other friends who are over for dinner parties!

Let’s see the main reasons why you should choose a high-quality glass set instead of utensils, plates, and cups made from other materials. Browse reputable websites to find the best glass sets that are long-lasting, beautiful, and compliment your decor.

Chemicals could be leached into the drinks

If you decide to give plastic cups and plates instead of glassware, this can cause chemicals from the paint in the plastic to leach into the food and drinks. You don’t want to poison your guests or your friends with your gift! However, with plastic, there are harmful toxins and chemicals in the material that can be absorbed into what you are consuming, harming your health and your diet.

Instead, the glass will not leak any harmful chemicals into the food or drinks. Glass is a non-porous material that does not hold previous tastes, making it the perfect housewarming gift.

A high-quality glass set looks better than other materials

The second reason why you should purchase a high-end glass set is the aesthetic and style value of this material over other choices. Instead of giving plastic, wood, or ceramic utensils, plates, and cups, giving glassware offers an aura of upscale and refined style that you would not otherwise find. If you want to increase the style value of the space and offer an upscale look that you would find in fine-dining restaurants, giving your friends a housewarming gift of a glass set can do just that!

Glass requires buying fewer items throughout time, reducing waste

The third reason you should buy an upscale glass set for your friends for a housewarming gift is the environmental benefits! Although you may not be thinking of the Earth when you buy this present, glass consumers typically buy fewer items than people buying plastic or other materials. Consumers who purchase glass typically have fewer runs to the store over many years, helping avoid excess waste and harm to the environment.


Buying a high-end glass set is the perfect housewarming gift for your friends! A glass set helps the environment, does not leach chemicals into the food and drinks, and looks better than other options! You can browse high-quality glass sets at reputable stores. Not only is glassware perfect for parties, dinners, and cocktail hour, but your friends will be reminded of you every time they use this beautiful gift.

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