3 Things to Know about Boat Accidents

Boat accidents are as rare as they can be. However, these incidents also receive very little attention as these often take place in isolated areas. Additionally, in such cases most boat drivers are uninsured. This leads to more complication, as many states including Idaho does not require boat drivers to have insurance. Furthermore, boat drivers also live under many misconceptions. For example, you may have seen many boat drivers drink on their boats. While this is legal, this can result in significant fault-based charges when it comes to collisions. If you have been in a boat accident, be sure to discuss your case with a local Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer


In boat accidents, liability is determined similarly to auto accidents. This is decided by no-fault insurance coverage, and comparative negligence laws. For example, if you have incurred damages worth $100,000, and the jury determines that you were at 30% fault, you will receive $70,000 in damages. Hence, ideally, one should be extra careful while drinking and driving on the boat similar to being on the road. 


Similar to auto accidents, boat owners are expected to report to the police immediately in case of injuries, notable damage, and fatality. Boat owners are expected to stop the boat immediately, and also provide assistance to the injured person. In auto accidents, motor drivers are expected to offer to call legal, and medical aid to pedestrians. While such laws do not apply on the road, be sure to enquire about the safety of the other person, and offer them any assistance you can. Attorneys will offer advice you to do only what’s necessary, because some client may end up making admissible guilty confession. 


According to Idaho laws, the boat owners similar to motor owners are expected to file a police report with the quickest means of communication. Furthermore, you would also be expected to contact the sheriff of the county, in case of disappearance of a person, or death. If damage to the other’s vessel is more than $1500, you are also expected to file a normal police report. Be sure to carry a phone that can provide you with coverage to avoid mishaps. Although you have two days to file a physical report in case of death, and injuries, it is important to do at the earliest for a wide range of other reasons including legal investigation, speaking to the lawyer, and more.

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