31 Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who’s Obsessed With Rom-Coms

A holiday comes, and you are confused because you don’t know what to give to a loved one? No panic! By the way, some creative people recommend watching rom-coms to calm down and tune in to a new solution, to come up with the best gifts that bring a smile. Speaking of love for rom-coms … maybe your friend is crazy about them too? Then we know what to offer you!

The gifts-accessories for rom-coms fans

The stylish or cute accessory is a win-win solution that suits every occasion. If you also know what rom-com your friend prefers, you can find something awesome and unique for this theme. This can be such thing as:

  • T-shirts and sweatshirts;
  • Posters;
  • 3D Crystal Photo;
  • Books;
  • Shopping bags;
  • Movie Characters Headphone Case;
  • Online cinema subscription;
  • Magazines;
  • Keychain;
  • Pillow;
  • Pop-doll;

And many more ideas to delight your rom-com fan and give him\her something useful.

Thus, you can present a 3D Crystal Photo with a thematic image. Just visit the ArtPix Store, choose what kind and shape your present has to be among 3D crystal types and make your order. As a result, your friend will become an owner of the unusual and stylish gift with his\her favorite rom-com.

The gifts to watch rom-com movies with comfort

The best way to make your rom-com fan happy is to create the best conditions for watching your favorite movies. So, you can take into account these items.

A Popcorn Machine

The device is capable of preparing a whole mountain of every movie fan favorite delicacy in 3 minutes. At the same time, without the use of oil and very harmful additives.

Pillows in the shape of popcorn and chips

People who always lose weight while watching a movie can cuddle with popcorn or wrinkle a packet of chips. It’s not edible but sweet and soft.

Blanket with sleeves

A very cozy and pleasant gift for cold evenings, when you so want to wrap yourself up in a warm and soft blanket and enjoy watching your favorite movie

A Lightbox

An interesting and original souvenir for every moviegoer with a hint of his hobby. The cinematic lightbox will look great on any surface in your home and can serve as a night light.

A Scratch poster “To-do list. Movies”

A movie fan cannot be considered a real movie fan until he has reviewed all the Oscar-winning masterpieces of cinema. For this, you can give him or her a special scratch poster with this theme.

A Home theater system

A dream gift for every movie lover. With a home theater, you can forget about reality and completely immerse yourself in your favorite rom-com on the TV screen without leaving the soft and comfortable sofa.

A Projector

Watching movies through a projector is carried out on a white wall with the lights off, making movies look more impressive than a TV or computer screen.

TV Headphones

Headphones for TV will help rom-com fans to enjoy watching their favorite movies even when the family is not ready to share their plans.

A Clapperboard

A clapperboard is an important attribute of any filming process, as you know. Everyone will be able to try themselves in the role of a film hero, director, or cameraman with this thing.

The gifts that remind about favorite romantic movies

What rom-com lover can’t appreciate a gift from their favorite movie? Think about this! And to inspire you with a good gift, we want to tell you about these wonderful ideas.

A Card game “What is this film about.”

Each card contains the name of a real film and three options for answering what this film is about. The correct version is on the back of the card. Perfect for moviegoers for a pleasant time.

A Dollhouse, from “From 13 to 30”

Those who watched this film understand what we are talking about. Matt made this house for Jenna when they were kids. Agree. Only a man in love and very attentive to details could make such a gift.

Books as in “The Age of Adaline”

The book is the best gift! Do you remember how Alice, Adaline’s lover, unexpectedly brought her a stack of her favorite books? The girl was in seventh heaven.

A personal diary, like the character of “The Diary of Bridget Jones,” has

Do you remember how at the end of the first film, Mr. Darcy saw that Bridget’s diary was full and ran to buy a new one (and thought that he had read nasty things about himself and left forever)? This was one of the most important and romantic moments in Bridget’s life. And we understand her. In the end, what girl has not kept a personal diary at least once? So hurry to the stationery store and look for the most beautiful notebook or sketchbook.

Shiny shoes as in “Burlesque.”

After all, beautiful shoes are an indispensable attribute of a festive look. We love the ones that Ali gave to the main character of Burlesque; Marcus Gerber is her fan.

It’s good to be quiet – a record with your favorite song.

We have good news for all lovers of retro romance: vinyl fashion is back. So, it’s a sin not to be inspired by a scene from the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” where Charlie gave Sam his favorite Beatles disc.

500 days of summer — postcard with the inscription I LOVE US

If you have already said the common “I love you” to each other hundreds of times, follow the example of the protagonist of “500 Days of Summer” — be creative with the wording.

Rest assured, the person who works in the postcard bureau knows exactly about love confessions. The girl will surely appreciate not only your romantic impulse but also the reference to the film.

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