4 Essential Facts Every Woman Must Know About Their Dress Shirts

shirts are always part of a woman’s wardrobe. It helps the wearer look smart and effortlessly stylish at the same time. But finding fashionable women’s shirts can be challenging, especially if you have a wide array of choices right in front of you.

When shopping for the best women’s shirts, you need to pinpoint which among the choices is the right one for you. It will also help if you know how to dress it up to make it look great. In this fashion guide, you will learn more about dress shirts and discover the best ways to shop for the ideal shirt in the market.

What Are Women’s Dress Shirts? 

In the past, dress shirts were synonymous with men. But since the mid-1800s, however, some women still get confused between a dress shirt and a blouse.

To end the confusion, dress shirts for women have a fully buttoned front opening. It should also be long enough to be tucked or untucked comfortably. These shirts are often made with cotton and consist of long, cuffed sleeves and a collar.

How to Find Well-Fitting Dress Shirts? 

Despite the emergence of different trends, a proper fitting dress shirt remains a fashion staple. Even the most expensive shirts will make your look bad if it does not fit your body properly.

Here are several ways to ensure that your dress shirt fits you properly:

#1: Look For the Right Fit

Ideally, a tailored dress shirt should follow the contours of your body. It must be flattering and must make you feel confident all the time.

When finding the right dress shirt, you must avoid any piece with large folds and plenty of excess materials. It will only make you appear extra bigger than your actual figure.

#2: Search for Flattering Fabrics 

Not all fabrics are created equal. The materials used to create the shirt can affect the way it looks and feels when worn.

To ensure that the shirt will compliment your body, you must find something made with high-quality fabrics. The most popular ones come in 100% cotton. You must also consider the thread count of the fabric to ensure its softness and durability.

#3: Check Out the Collar 

Another distinct feature of dress shirts is the collar. No matter what style and colour the women’s shirt are, other people will immediately focus on the collar of the shirt. So if your collar looks flimsy and dishevelled, your entire look will appear messed up as well.

Find shirts with firm and a crisp collar. It must come with an interlining material to help keep it looking stiff and in shape. High-quality shirts come with sturdy interlinings that will not get ruined after several washes.

#4: Consider the Cuffs

To make the shirt look more presentable, you need to find the ones that come with crisp cuffs. They showcase exquisite and sophisticated tailoring.

A well-made cuff does not come with needless lines. You may choose between the French cuffs and the button cuffs. Fresh cuffs refer to the double, folded cuffs fastened with your choice of cufflinks. On the other hand, the button cuffs are the single cuffs that embrace the wrist and buttoned in place.

Finding the right shirt dress for women can be an intricate process. But if you have an idea about what you are looking for, you do not have to reach far and wide to get the right shirt for your body. Once you find the right style, it would be easier to find more beautiful shirts for you.

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