4 Essential Recovery Tips After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Together with other major cities in Australia, Sydney spent a staggering $1 billion in 2017 for various cosmetic procedures. The number of people who went under the knife in the city surpassed those who chose cosmetic enhancements in other parts of the world during that time. Among all the procedures done, breast augmentation in Sydney belonged to the top of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the city.

Plenty of Sydneysiders choose to have breast augmentation surgery to boost the volume of their breast and improve its shape. It is also meant to make the breast look fuller. But if you will undergo a breast augmentation in Sydney for the first time for these reasons, here are several essential things you need to know for proper and faster recovery.

Tip #1: Take It Easy

Like any type of major medical surgery, breast augmentation in Sydney requires you to slow it down and let your body recuperate after the procedure. For the next two weeks after going under the knife, you must get as much rest as possible to heal and recover faster. It is also best to avoid any strenuous exercise for several weeks after the treatment.

It is also best to listen to your body to achieve the results that you want. You may gradually increase your activity levels, but you must stop anything immediately if you feel pain or discomfort. Talk to your surgeon to know more about the kinds of activities that are safe after the treatment.

Tip #2: Take Care Of Your Wounds

Some breast augmentation surgery requires an incision that you need to care for. Ensure that all the wound dressings used on your incision site remain intact during the first week, then visit your surgeon for your post-operative appointment seven days after your surgery.

The doctor will provide detailed steps to manage and take care of your wounds during your post-operation sessions. If you follow the health expert’s instructions diligently, you will get the fastest healing outcome and avoid incurring unsightly scars on the incision site.

Tip #3: Wear Supportive Bras

Your breasts will need a different kind of support after the surgical procedure. It is necessary to maintain the shape and size of your breast.

Most of the time, surgeons will recommend a specific type of medical-grade garments that will shorten your recovery time. It will also help lessen your swelling and make you more comfortable while recuperating. You only need to know how to find the right compression garment for your breast to get the best support. Sports bras can also help you maintain your new breasts after the procedure.

Tip #4: Eat A Balanced Diet

Proper nutrition is important for faster healing and recovery. So ensure that you consume a balanced diet with lots of fluids to speed up your way to full recuperation.

You may also eat more food items that contain higher levels of zinc. It includes meat, legumes, shellfish, legumes, seeds, nuts, eggs, and dairy products. Taking vitamins and mineral supplements will also help you recover from your surgery faster.

Taking care of your body after undergoing breast augmentation surgery is highly recommended by cosmetic surgeons in Sydney. It will help make or break the success of the procedure. If you take better care of your new breasts, you will be able to enjoy a more pleasantly-looking set of breasts for a long time.

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