4 Soul Enriching Ideas for Connecting with Nature

Often in this modern world, a person can feel as if they are constantly trying to juggle their personal and professional responsibilities and duties and rarely get a chance to stop and smell the roses.

One way to embrace your sense of self, as well as a wholly natural way to take care of your mental health, is to start to spend more time in nature and the natural environment. So, with this in mind, continue reading to discover four soul-enriching ideas for connecting with nature.

1. Have Your Breakfast Outside

One of the easiest and free ways of feeling as if you have fresh air in your lungs and can feel the wind in your hair is to start your day as you mean to go on and have your morning coffee and even your breakfast outside.

Eating outdoors will mean you can the food you are eating, instead of shovelling it down whilst watching television and is a fantastic and entirely natural way to decrease your levels of anxiety and stress.

2. Visit a Historic Hall & Gardens

There is a wide plethora of historic and fascinating halls, mansions, and manor houses across the country and spending the entire day wandering around the gardens and learning all about the history of the site is fantastic for your levels of emotional health and wellbeing.

What is more, stunning houses and grounds such as Adlington Hall & Gardens can also serve as the hosting venue for a quiet catch-up lunch with a family member or close friend, so you can enjoy embracing the natural environment together and create some wonderful outdoor memories.

3. Sunbathe (Safely Of Course)

Fortunately, a lot more is now known about the harmful effects the sun can have on the skin and most people now know and always do wear suntan lotion and other protection when sunbathing, both in this country and abroad.

However, if you are sunbathing whilst protected, this exposure to the natural rays of the sun can do wonders for not only your emotional health and wellbeing but your levels of physical health and fitness too.

Such benefits from safely sunbathing include the following:

  • Skin issues such as psoriasis can be quietened down
  • Muscles relax and recuperate
  • Bones absorb calcium more efficiently due to vitamin D
  • A natural and wholesome mood booster
  • Vitamin D also benefits your eyes

4. Enjoy Your Local National Park

People in the United Kingdom are incredibly fortunate in that everyone lives relatively near to a national park.

Memberships with the National Trust and English Heritage are both fantastic ways of being able to spend lots of time at the myriad of different national parks up and down the country and save money on entrance fees and even refreshments.

From vast areas such as the Lake District and the Peak District, to smaller and more intimate and accessible parks such as the Broads and Exmoor, the country has some beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery which is just waiting to be explored.

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