4 things that every tourist should know about India before visiting!

If you’re planning your travels for when Covid-19 is over, then we bet India is high on your list! With plenty of fun, eccentric, busy, and bustling cities that you can explore, along with areas of natural beauty, India has it all. The sunny and warm weather, the friendliness of the people, and the intrigue of the culture have brought tourists from all over the world to the cities of Delhi and Mumbai in recent years.

But what should you know before venturing here? Although you may feel like you know it all when it comes to traveling, sometimes other cultures can catch us by surprise. After all, if you have only ever traveled to Europe or North America, then you may be in for a culture shock.

Let’s see a few things that tourists should keep in mind before they visit India for the first time – read for more information!

Visiting India next year for your holiday? We don’t blame you! Read for more info about this beautiful destination

Avoid using your left hand

In Indian culture, you may find that using your left hand is considered unclean and rude. If you are going to shake someone’s hand, always use your right hand. If you’re accepting a gift or something from a stranger, then use your right hand. This is a token of gratitude and expresses your manners when you’re communicating with the locals. Need more information? Read to make sure you are currently on the proper behavior in India.

Know the rules about visiting temples or mosques

If you are going to a temple or a mosque, then put the selfie stick away and have some respect. After all, these are religious areas that should be valued and appreciated. When you’re visiting a religious building, make sure you walk quietly, don’t make any loud noises, avoid talking in a loud voice, wear a headscarf to cover your hair and take off your shoes before entering.

Be considerate in public

In India, respect and culture are everything. When you are in public places, make sure that you do not scream “tourist” as you are walking around. Stay respectful to the local community and try to act conservatively. Avoid making any inappropriate emotions, gestures, or curse words while you are in public – this includes any swear words, rude gestures, or provocative movements.

Keep an eye out for those who are trying to take advantage of you

Although this is uncommon when it comes to the generous people of India, people will try to take advantage of you no matter where you go. If you are obviously a tourist, then you may find that some people try to scam you out of your money. Avoid these scammers by keeping an eye out for people who are overly invested in what you are doing, following you, or trying to get your attention.


Visiting India is a beautiful and once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will meet wonderful people, enjoy the local culture, learn about new experiences, and broaden your horizons. However keep a few things in mind before you visit here as a tourist for the first time – read to get some more insider info!

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