5-a-side football rules according to FIFA standards latest update 2022

5-a-side football is an attractive sport that is increasingly loved by many players. This game is not only played by many people as a daily practice sport, but is also organized into professional tournaments around the world. And the 5-a-side soccer rule was also introduced by FIFA to officially apply to these tournaments. Today Nhà cái New88 I will send you more detailed information about the rules of this game.

Learn about 5-a-side football

Five-a-side football, also known as five-element football, is a popular sport in the world. This game can be played on artificial turf or Futsal courts. Unlike 11-a-side soccer, this game has only 5 players in each team, including 1 goalkeeper. Fulsal’s tournament system is also increasingly expanding. Therefore, this game is attracting more and more fans.

Previously, although this sport was played by many people, it was all spontaneous matches for entertainment and health purposes. Nowadays, when there are many professional tournaments taking place, FIFA has introduced the most detailed 5-a-side football rules to apply generally to tournaments. All professional matches must adhere to these standards.

Detailed 5-a-side soccer rules

The 5-a-side soccer rules have many separate regulations regarding the field, players, balls, etc. These regulations provide the most detailed standards for application in professional tournaments within the framework of FIFA.

Football field rules

Football field size

A standard 5-a-side football field has a width from 15m to 25m and a length from 25m to 42m.

Boundary lines

The boundaries of the football field are solid lines, clearly marked, and are 8cm wide. In the center of the field there is a circular dot called the center of the field. Around this center is a circle with a radius of 3m used to serve the ball.

Scope of punishment

The penalty area, also known as the 6m line, is calculated as follows: From the sidelines at both ends of the field, take the feet of the two goalposts as the center, then draw 1/4 of a circle with a radius of 6m into the field, connecting the points. The end points of 2 arcs and 1/4 circle to get the length parallel to the 3.16m line, 6m from the horizontal. In this area, there are 2 penalty points you can choose from:

  • On the 6m line and in the middle of the 3.16m line is the first penalty point.
  • On the line perpendicular to the touchline 10m from the touchline is the second penalty point.

Corner kick arc

At the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines, draw 1/4 of a circle in the direction of the field as a corner kick position.

Substitution area

On the touchline, both teams will have an area to replace players for their team. This area is 5m long and 5m from the center of the field. When substituting players, both teams will be required to enter and exit the field right in this area.

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According to 5-a-side football rules FIFA The ball must be uniformly round and have a cover made of leather or an approved material.

The pressure of the ball must be from 400g – 600g/cm2.

The circumference of the ball must be between 62cm and 64cm. The mass of the pre-match ball must be between 400g and 440g.

During the match, only the main referee has the right to change the ball.

The number of players according to soccer rules is 5 people

Each team will have a maximum of 5 players on the field, including 1 goalkeeper.

The maximum number of substitute players per team is 7.

The number of substitutions in a match for each team is unlimited. In case a player has been substituted, he can still continue to re-enter the field.

Compulsory substitutions must be made at each team’s substitution area. When substituting players entering the field, they must wait for the players on the field to completely leave the field before entering.

In case a player wants to change the goalkeeper’s position, he must notify the referee. And the change must be made when the match is paused.

5-a-side soccer rules: player uniforms

According to the rules of 5-a-side football, the players’ uniforms are prescribed as follows:

  • Players are not allowed to carry anything that could be dangerous to others.
  • Sports shoes are required to be made of canvas, soft leather or soft rubber.
  • The shirt numbers of the players on each team must be different, and the shirt colors of the two teams must be different and different from the referee’s shirt color.
  • The goalkeeper is allowed to wear long pants and a shirt color different from that of other players on the team to make it easier to distinguish.

5-a-side soccer rules: referee regulations

The referee has the right to sanction all actions before, during and after the match has ended.

The referee is responsible for recording all incidents before, during and after the match has ended.

The referee has the right to suspend the match in any case such as unexpected incidents or disruption by the audience.

In case players violate or exhibit rude, violent or inappropriate behavior, the referee has the right to kick the player off the field.

Second referee

According to the rules of 5-a-side soccer, the second referee will operate opposite the main referee and perform the following tasks:

  • The second and third referees are responsible for monitoring the team’s 2 minutes of free kicks.
  • The second referee will be responsible for monitoring whether the player change is valid or not.
  • Monitor group chat time: 1 minute.

Third referee and timekeeper

According to FIFA regulations, the 5-a-side football rule stipulates that in international tournaments, matches will have a third referee working with the timekeeper.

5-a-side soccer rules: match time

Each match will take place in 2 halves, each half has 20 minutes monitored by a timekeeper.

In each round, the players must concentrate on the field and have a 1-minute rest period.

Rest time between two halves must not exceed 15 minutes.


Above is the 5-a-side soccer rule New88 Latest updates according to FIFA regulations. Hopefully this will be useful information for you guys who want to participate in this sport. Having a firm grasp of football rules also helps you easily participate in betting here sport New88 more effective.

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