5 Accidents that Can Be Represented by a Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers help to represent their clients in court to get compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of other people. There are very many instances where the negligence of other people may cost the victim their health, their wealth, or even their lives. It is possible to still seek out compensation from the involved party on your own but your bargaining power is little when you are on your own. To know more, visit Chichyan Law and talk to an attorney.

Having a personal injury lawyer by your side will help you make sure that the laws and regulations regarding your matter are followed. It will also help push the relevant parties into action such as getting money from insurance companies and big corporations. Here are some prime examples of the types of accidents represented by personal injury attorneys:

Motor vehicle accidents:

A recent study has shown that there are approximately three million people who are non fatal injured in motor vehicle accidents every year. The variety and type of motor vehicle accidents vary from bicycle accidents, pedestrians to truck and motorcycle accidents. The reasons that cause such accidents include drunk driving, overspeeding, disregard for safety rules, and texting/ being on call while driving.

The effects of such accidents can be completely life-altering and that is why it is important to get a good personal injury attorney to fight for you to get what you are justly meant to be compensated for. The difference between using an attorney and claiming the fee on your own is huge as an attorney understands the law better and how to use it to your advantage.

Slip and fall injuries:

This type of injury is presented due to the negligence of a building maintenance team. The slip may occur on staircases that were defective or slippery floors that were not indicated as being slippery at the time.  With the help of a personal injury attorney, the victim can be able to bring their case before the court and have the relevant parties compensate them for their negligent behavior.

Medical malpractices:

The other category is fighting for clients who received injuries due to the negligence of medical workers or got injured due to said negligence. For example, surgery procedures may not have been followed well and a cotton swab was left in the operated area. It may also include misdiagnosis and wrong medicine dosage.

Dog bite injuries:

Injuries from dog bites are more common and can form a basis for a personal injury case. The liability of an owner to dog bites varies from state to state and in states where there is strict liability for dog bites, you can get a personal injury attorney to fight on your behalf. This way, you can get compensation for the physical and emotional trauma and damage that may have arisen from the incident.

Dangerous and defective products:

Many purchased products end up containing dangerous defects that may cause personal injury.  One defect for products may be in the design of the product which makes it impossible to use it as safely as it had intended to be used. There can also be some manufacturing defects which makes the products not perform as it was expected to. Such malfunctions can cause serious damages to the consumer.


Having a personal injury attorney is the best way to ensure that justice is served to you and your loved one in the face of other-related injuries. Don’t keep guessing on how much the courts will decide your compensation: a personal injury attorney can ease your burden as you keep caring about your focus on healing and your family.

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