5 Common Questions To Ask Before Considering Luxury Astoria apartments for Rent

It’s only natural for you to have several questions before renting a luxury apartment. After all, most standard apartment leases are year-long. You don’t want to sign a rental agreement with any lingering doubts. Most people looking for rental apartments often think of Brooklyn or Manhattan. However, they sometimes overlook one excellent location – Astoria, Queens.

Astoria has emerged as one of the premier neighborhoods in Queens, NYC. Like neighboring Long Island City, Astoria has become a much-coveted neighborhood for many renters due to several reasons. The area is home to a culturally diverse demographic, making it a hotbed for fantastic food options and cultural exhibits.

A Rich History

It’s also a popular option with many renters in New York because of its storied history and museums. Numerous historic landmarks exist within the neighborhood, including the Astoria Park War Memorial. The park itself – bordered by Ditmars Avenue and Hoyt Avenue – also features an Olympic-sized swimming pool for visitors to enjoy during the summers. 

Other points of interest include the Steinway Mansion where the famous piano makers were raised and the Steinway Clocks on Steinway Street – for those who prefer an off-the-beaten-path experience.

A Cinephile’s Dream

Cinephiles will also revel in joy after discovering Henry Hill’s house in GoodFellas – the critically acclaimed cinematic masterpiece from Queen’s very own Martin Scorcese (Born in flushing). Likewise, you will also enjoy a trip to the Museum of Moving Image located on 35th St. Kaufman Studios (Home of Sesame Street)  is another popular landmark for cinephiles to visit on 36th St. The studio was initially constructed in 1920; however, serving as the setting for blockbuster movies like Gone With the Wind and Titanic make it a historic production studio.

 An Ideally Located Neighborhood

Another reason behind the neighborhood’s burgeoning popularity is its location on the map. The Upper East Side lies across the river from Astoria’s stunning and iconic waterfront development in LIC and Hallett’s Point.

In addition, the New York Ferry system connects Astoria to other districts, like Roosevelt Island on the East River and the Brooklyn Navy Yard – home to over 500 businesses and employing more than 11,000 people. 

The neighborhood is also well-connected to other parts of Queens, like Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst through the 31st Ave. Real estate in the area has become a hotbed for buyers because it provides an easy commute to Long Island City, Midtown Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

A Shopper’s Paradise

Astoria also has some fantastic shopping options. Broadway and Ditmars have emerged as shopping hubs, including Lockwood Style and the Brass Owl. 

A Foodie’s Delight

The neighborhood is also home to some must-try eateries, particularly for food lovers and gastronomes. 

Sweet Afton (30th Avenue) and The Bonnie (Just off the Ditmars stop on the N) are critically acclaimed gastro-pubs with outdoor dining. An evening here, sipping on your favorite cocktail, sangria, or craft beer, is a chance to meet your neighbors and make a few new friends.

The Last Word is another speakeasy located on 43rd St. which was started by the same folks who created Raine’s Law room in Manhattan so expect the best cocktails in the neighborhood.

Hoja Santa is a Mexican restaurant on the corner of  30th Ave and 41st St. It is a neighborhood favorite because of its vibrant dishes and easygoing ambiance.  

The Rooftop Bar at the Boro Hotel on 27th St. is a crowd-pleaser with unparalleled views of NYC’s iconic skyline. 

Time Out New York also recently awarded 30th Ave the “coolest street in New York” distinction.

What to Ask Before Renting a Luxury Apartment in Astoria

Whether you’re looking for a spacious studio apartment, one-bedroom or a larger 2 bedroom, you’ll want to ensure you ask your potential landlord some common questions. These include:

How Long is the Rental Agreement?

As we stated above, most standard rental agreements run for twelve months but you may find that a longer lease could garner you a better price or at the very least lock in a 

Do I have to Pay Broker Fees?

In a housing market as competitive as New York City’s, most tenants have to pay broker’s fees when renting an apartment. While that’s especially true for Brooklyn and Manhattan apartments, Astoria is slightly different. You’re more likely to find no-fee apartments for rent in Long Island City with new units coming online every month.

Is It Pet Friendly?

Americans love their pets. Whether you’re more of a dog person or a cat lover, you don’t want to move into an apartment that doesn’t accommodate your beloved four-legged friends. Hence, it’s a good idea to inquire if the property you’re surveying is pet-friendly or not. If the answer’s no, you might want to consider other pet-friendly apartments in the neighborhood. Historically, Astoria has always been a safe location with numerous pet-friendly apartments. 

Does It Have the Necessary Amenities? 

The Winter season in New York can be a challenging time. The last thing you want to do is take your laundry to a laundromat while battling the elements. Likewise, the New York summers can be hot and humid. You don’t want to be cooped up in your apartment without central air conditioning. Ideally, you’ll want an apartment that features an in-unit washer and dryer. In addition, ask if the building features a fitness center you can privately book for working out. 

Does It Have Enough Space for Your Needs?

Cramped apartments are a hallmark of New York City, especially Manhattan and Brooklyn. You’ll want to avoid those issues by seeking an apartment with a well-designed floor plan. Whether your needs call for a studio apartment or a three-bedroom apartment, you’ll want to add a spacious floor plan to the top of your list. 

Find the Ideal Rental Apartment in Astoria West NYC

Are you looking for Astoria apartments for rent? Astoria West NYC is a new Corcoran development that offers 534 units from the studio, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments to fit any lifestyle and is a fair housing company. In addition, Astoria West also offers over 40,000 sqft of indoor and outdoor amenities. Astoria West is located between 30th Rd. and 31st St, a stone’s throw away from Hallets Cove Beach, Queens. 

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