5 Fun Reasons to Buy a Boat

In the US, there are around 11 million recreational boats registered on the water. This number has drastically increased over time due to the accessibility and affordability of boats.

On top of this, 95% of US boats are small, towable, and under 26 feet. These boats include powerboats, personal watercraft, and sailboats.

So, if you have a little extra money on the side and want to explore the waters, it’s highly recommended that you invest in a boat like this canal barge for sale. Boats are great for individuals as well as couples and families – essentially, they’re for everyone.

First, though, you’ll need to get your boating license.

How Can I Get a Boating License?

Just like a car license, you need to get a boat license before you get behind the wheel of one.

A lot of people assume that getting a boat license is a long and complex process – but this isn’t true.

In fact, getting a boating license is easier than ever before.

To get started, ilearntoboat has interactive online courses to complete your NC boating license.

With that covered, let’s take a look at five fun reasons to buy a boat.

1.   Boost Your Happiness

Modern life can be difficult sometimes. But when times do get tough, you can relax knowing that you have your boat with you. You’ll be able to hit the waters, feel the fresh sea air, and recharge your batteries without having to be surrounded by tons of other people. After all, the waters are a very quiet and peaceful place.

2.   Improve Your Skillset

When you enter the world of boating, you will drastically improve your hand-eye coordination and navigation skills. On top of this, your physical strength will improve, as controlling a boat requires lots of physical know-how. Some of these skills will then be transferable to other walks of life.

3.   You’ll Be Part of a Global Community

As mentioned in the introduction, there are roughly 11 million recreational boats registered in the US – and that’s just one country.

Around the world, there are millions of other passionate boat owners who enjoy gathering at local clubs and communicating with each other in online forums and social media pages.

So, if you want to meet other likeminded people, then boating is definitely for you.

4.   Boost Your Personal Image

Nowadays, people (understandably) care a lot about their personal image; from the house they own to the car they drive.

Naturally, if you invest in a boat, you will give your personal image a major boost.

Also, although a lot of boat owners use storage units for their boats, some store them in their garages and front yards. If you decide to display your boat outside, your neighbors are sure to be impressed – especially if you choose a good model.

Get started by checking out these boat models.

5.   Staycations and Fun Day Trips

Lastly, a boat will afford you the luxury of being able to go on endless staycations and day trips. If you’re an outdoorsy person (or are part of an outdoorsy family), then this will be a dream come true for you. Rather than spending every weekend in your home town, you’ll be able to hit the waters and do lots of exploring.

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