5 Hot Tips to Identify the Best Chiropractic Medical Billing Company

The lack of cutting-edge practice management process, outdated billing software, regulatory complexities etc. have frequently resulted in chiropractors losing a major chunk of their annual revenue. This, combined with the absence of a proper team with the requisite skills to deliver chiropractic medical billing services have triggered frequent coding and billing errors leading to insurance claim denials. These challenges prompted chiropractors to outsource to third party chiropractic medical billing company. Here are 5 hot tips to identify vendor that can suit the business needs:

Check their code reviewing competence – Insurance auditors are very particular about the inclusion of the correct procedural and diagnostic codes in the required order. This helps them match the service claim to the patient’s insurance coverage scopes. A chiropractic medical billing company must have the required expertise to review the appropriate usage of codes that are to be displayed on the claim document. Expert third party vendors have certified medical coders who helps selecting the right codes that are reflective of the exact chiropractic services provided.

Check their insurance refusal management ability Basic formatting issues and inability to meet the data requirements lead to claims rejection. Professionals from a third-party chiropractic medical billing company have full control over these issues. They identify, resolve the errors, and resubmit the same to the insurance payor in a timely fashion. They follow up on the same on behalf of the chiropractic service provider. A critical limb of the insurance refusal management is the billing professional’s ability to execute an error-free claim submission process. This acts as a catalyst for a higher first pass payment and resolution rates while cutting short the A/R billing cycle. 

Check their billing transparency level Transparent billing is the cornerstone of a chiropractic provider’s credibility. The partnering chiropractic medical billing company should be able to furnish a detailed bill with itemized breakdown of all the services for which the patient has been charged. This helps avoid unnecessary patient dispute on the charges. In case of erroneous charges, it will be easy for the billers to find the source of the error, troubleshoot it, and resolve the issue in no time.

Check the billing software specificities To begin with, the software should be specific to chiropractic office management. The partnering chiropractor should be informed on a prior basis about the time to be taken to implement the software. Such a chiropractic billing software should be able to automate the electronic health record workflow. It should furnish documents with automatic filling of the correct codes. Such a software must be compliant with HIPAA regulations pertaining to Patient Health Information safety.

Be informed about the scopes of their services– It is crucial that the chiropractor asks upfront about the service scopes of a chiropractic medical billing service company before partnering with them. This is to ensure that the services provided suit the operational and business needs of the chiropractor. For instance, if the client requires assistance to handle insurance payer contract issue, partnering with a chiropractic medical billing company with insurance coverage denial management skills will come in handy.


Partnering with a chiropractic medical billing company will essentially streamline the billing practice management framework. The ability to determine patient eligibility, prior authorization services are some of the cardinal rules of streamlining billing practice. Chiropractors must look for clients testifying such abilities of vendors which will be the stepping-stone to towards partnering with the most suitable chiropractic medical billing company. 

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