5 Must-Have Tools For Writers and Editors in 2021

Putting down words in an arranged and coherent form takes a lot of brain function. Not everyone is up to the tasks. Writers love their job, but they simply cannot perform if they’re disorganized or distracted by other accompanying activities. That is why they need tools to help.

The best tools for writers and editors are those that enhance their work, not displace it. If you want to be recognized as an author, editor, or freelance writer, you need to create standard work.

With online editing tools, you can perform many functions like using a headline analyzer to spot potential grammatical errors, misspellings, and obvious write-ups that you would like to see removed from your content, etc. If you are in the writing or editing industry, here are tools that can assist you.

1.  PDFBear

PDFBear is a popular online converter that will convert several PDF files into various other file formats. Including converting Word to PDF, a file format, most writers use to publish their work online.

As a writer or editor, it is highly recommended that you download the PDFBear to help you save time in converting files to popular formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and so on. This converter is also the best tool if you’re looking for convenience.

2.  Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert is a simple free web service that you can utilize to transform even more than 200 different file formats into other file formats. For a writer,  it can be necessary to convert one file format into another in many cases. For example, if you’re using a shared computer for both work and personal use, you might not be able to open specific programs to convert various files. Cloud Convert will do that for you. You just need to go to their website, simply select the file you would like converted, and then click on the “Convert” button.

3.  Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is an effective content marketing tool that helps you track keyword and content popularity to get an idea of what kind of content you can create. As a writer, writer’s block can hit you at any time. You might still have fantastic views to write about, but your audience might not be interested in reading them.

In Buzzsumo,  everything is built into the program from web pages, blog posts, press releases, and social media feeds. You can also track your competitor’s keyword and content research with Buzzsumo.

In short, Buzzsumo is a keyword and content research tool that will significantly benefit your keyword and SEO effort. It works by showing you what your competitors are doing, how your competitors are doing it and ultimately gives you a blueprint to follow.

This is extremely helpful if you are struggling to find good niche markets or start your blog business. The program is easy to use, and it has a free version. You can run Buzzsumo with zero upfront fees, absolutely free with limited keyword and shared content searches. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to dominate their competition for clicks and views.

4.  Grammarly

Grammarly is an editing tool that finds errors in documents and corrects them for users, making it easier for your readers to understand. The technology is available in a free version, the premium and business edition, which has several advanced features that require a fee. For starters, use the free trial, which allows users to check the application out before purchasing.

It also offers several features for editing, reviewing, and correcting documents based on several criteria: tense, number of words, singular and plural, agreement, grammar, syntax, word count, word composition, spellings, and citation.

A user can enter a document into the text area and look for all possible grammatical errors. Once an error is found, the user can either fix the grammar mistake or select a different sentence structure to produce the intended meaning from the original text.

Another feature of Grammarly that comes in very handy is the ‘suggestions’ section, which suggests proper punctuation, word completion, and citation validation, among others. While the free version only contains a few tips and suggestions, the premium and business version has thousands.

5.  Ginger

Ginger software can spot common spelling mistakes, grammar flaws, and poorly organized content. It lets you monitor the overall quality of your writing on a page.

The best writing tool allows you to identify grammatical and sentence errors in your writing quickly. For example, ginger will enable you to check the spelling and grammar of each sentence, then suggest possible fixes to solve the problem.

In Conclusion

The best tools for writers and editors offer many features for converting,  proofreading, editing, and even scanning documents for plagiarism. Most of these tools have a visually appealing interface, making it easy to search for mistakes, view suggested alternatives, or highlight particular sections of a document. While writing might be difficult, using one or more of these tools would most certainly help.

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