5 new popular PG slot games 2021

PG camp online slots game is the top slot game camp in Thailand that has players. use the service the most With a new and modern slot game format that is easier to play than before and also has realistic graphics Make the bets look more interesting to play. With more than 300 slot games to choose from, along with new game updates always at all times which today on the website Will bring you to know 5 new popular PG slots games in 2021 that you should not miss. If you want to know, what games are there? Let’s see.

Introducing 5 new popular PG SLOT slots games in 2021

On the website Is the number 1 online slot game website that has updated new games before anyone else. And has been leading the trend of the latest slot games, all the time, free credit, play slots in every camp and so as not to waste time Today we have compiled the newest PG camp slots game that must be said that if you have tried to play must be fascinated with special features In these games for sure.

1.Supermarket Spree

For the first new game From the PG camp, it is Supermarket Spree or a fun supermarket slot game. This is a 6*6 combination video slot with multiplier symbols ranging from x5 to x50 with payouts up to 25,000x. Try Slots Free 2021.

2.Raider Jane’s Crypt of Fortune

The Adventures of Rider Jane slot game will take you to solve the clues. Mysterious Egyptian Crypt hidden beneath the Sahara in which the mysterious basement There are also massive hidden treasures, 6 reels in 3 rows, with additional lines for each 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reels, and massive multiplier symbols.

3.Groundhog Harvest

Groundhog Harvest slot game is considered a game that has a busy story of a group of 6 groundhogs that are cute, bright, but have a special that no one could imagine. 7-reel, 7-line video slot game with increased multipliers. and 8 free spins when 3 Scatter symbols are obtained.

4.Mermaid Riches

Mermaid Riches is a unique slot game. and like no other With a 5 reel video slot game style, 1 line on reel 1, 2 lines on reel 2, 3 lines on reel 3, 4 lines on reel 4 and 5 lines on reel 5 with Sticky Wild symbols and multiplier up to x10.

5.Jurassic Kingdom

And the latest new slot game, the last game, PG web slot 2021 is Jurassic Kingdom that will take you on an adventure with primitive animals, dinosaurs, with a 6*6 video slot game style with symbols. Wilds-on-the-Way and the reward multiplier keeps increasing

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