5 Practical Office Desk Organization Ideas That You Should Try!

Have you been putting in the work, trying to hit milestones and achieve success, but find yourself fixed to a spot without moving forward? Did you know that office desk organization can help you do the following:

  • make you more organized
  • give you a sense of order 
  • Reduce stress
  • and boosts your efficiency and productivity

With office desk organization, you could well be on the path to getting promoted and smashing impossible goals. And in this article, we’ll show you how.  Together, we’ll be looking at 5 office desk organization ideas that can set you in motion and increase your work performance.

1. Hang a Shelf Over Your Desk

An organized work environment must have good visual appeal. If you’re thinking of setting up an office desk, you should do away with the idea that all your file or material should occupy the office desk. Having lots of materials or documents on a table will make your office unkempt, unhealthy and dirty. Why not hang some office storage cabinets above your desk to give it a good look? Besides, you will also enjoy more workspace to perform daily tasks that’ll result in a more productive day for you. 

However, hanging shelves can look like a simple task to you. Like artwork, it requires creativity. Hang the shelves at an eye-level or about 4-5 feet from the base above your table. Be careful while you do it to avoid damage, especially if you decide to perform the task yourself. Popular adhesive strips help you do this as well as professionally. Few among these are; command picture hanging strips, velcro removable mounting strips, a moldable adhesive, among many others.

2. Keep a Plant

Placing your office flower on your work desk is a great idea to improve your work through visual motivation. It beautifies your office, while your microenvironment reflects the touch of life. Nature has a way of appealing to our neurons, so having a plant around your workspace is a no-brainer. 

However, as good as this might look, if you position your plant wrongly, it reduces the available workspace you could navigate to perform your duty properly.

Are you thinking of adding a plant shine to your office? Yes, you are on a tight course. While you make such a plan, consider a separate area from your office desk to house this natural presence (plant shine). It will allow you to navigate effectively by providing additional space.

If you already have a plant placed on your table, you may reconsider another area away from your desk. It could be at the top right corner of your office. 

Having your plant there would give you an easy glance. If you have a visitor, your plant shines better in that area around the corner of your office. You can get your flower at this location by placing it in your office flower support.

3. Maximize the Space Under Your Desk

The appearance of clutter signals to your brain that there’s extra work to do. The response triggered by these signals makes your brain so busy and tired of everything around your work environment, it could induce a stress response. So, organize your workspace around your desk to accommodate more space underneath. 

Decluttering office space gives an abundance of space, reduces your stress frequency, and gives you the feeling that you’re in control of your office.

To make space available on your desk, move items to the space desk created, especially those items that are less important.

If you’re thinking of increasing space under your desk, this is for you. First, measure space under your desk with measuring to confirm available space under your table. A drawer that fits properly and allows you to store important items is a good option.

4. Store Unused Items in the Cabinet

Many office materials constitute a nuisance in the workspace. If your thought of re-working your busy desk gives you a headache, worry less. You can always send your messy file to storage.

Here are a few tips that can help you decide which of your files is worthy of being sent to the storage cabinet.

  • List out all your office items
  • Recognize essential items that you need daily.
  • Sort these items to use occasionally from the important ones.
  • Send unimportant stuff into storage to declutter your desk. 

While you keep these files in storage, create notes where all items and files are stored to avoid stress when looking for files. Most importantly, maintain storage hygiene to ensure that all files in the storage cabinet do not become consumed by Insect. Spray insecticides to ward off pests away. Nobody likes the idea of nasty pests destroying their files in the storage cabinet.

Perform occasional checks on items inside storage to confirm their presence, originality and to ensure they remain dust-free.

5. Make a Clean Desk Policy

If you’re thinking of ways to organize your desk to archive and improve work performance, you can try as much as possible to add a clean-up desk policy. It is a practice whereby you clean up your desk at the end of each day’s work. Discarding files when not in use allows you to manage your workspace, improves the security, and privacy of vital information. 

To implement a clean-up policy, here are tips that can guide you through;

  • Put your policy in writing to have an idea of what you want to archive.
  • Make sure you do it every day to make it effective.
  • Always choose electronic files over the paper type to reduce cluttering.


You can make your office a home away from home with the right management techniques. To get your office duties optimized while you stress less and spend less time, make sure to use available guides to navigate through your office space. You can work monitoring software so that you can protect your data. 

It is down to you to enjoy as much space as you want in your office. And with these five tips, your office organization just got easier, plus you enjoy a boost to your productivity. 

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