5 Reasons Why Waikiki is Perfect for a Romantic Getaway

Deciding where to go with your partner for a romantic trip can be difficult. Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed by choice with so many places to go to? Many couples jump straight to Paris when they think of romance, but what about Waikiki?

1.   Sunsets and sea

Hawaii is known for its rich culture and stunning beaches. Imagine yourself walking down a golden beach, with the sound of blue waves crashing and the sun setting. Now imagine your partner there with you, romantic, right? Waikiki beaches are popular when it comes to surfing too, and there are some gorgeous beach hotels in Waikiki, meaning you’ll always be by the sand and sea. Couples can thrive when they get active together and have some fun. Nobody expects you to be a professional surfer, especially not the one person who knows you best. Mistakes will happen, but those mistakes will bring laughter to your relationship and allow you to both remember what it’s like to mess around and get involved in something brand new.

2.   Have some fun

Who said aquariums and zoos are only for kids? Going on an amusing date is a fantastic boost of romance. Revisiting those emotions from childhood and running around looking at the animals will bring out the inner child in you and allow you to open yourself up to having a great time with your partner. Laugh while watching the monkeys play, gasp as you spot a shark swim past you. Dates don’t always have to be mushy; they can be playful too.

3.   Go on a brisk walk or hike

So, you’ve thought about playful dates, but dreamy dates are perfect for romance too. The stunning backdrop of Waikiki is bound to get your heart pumping, and why not get it pumping more with some light exercise? With countless areas to walk and take in the delightful views, you will definitely find somewhere to enjoy your date amongst nature. Diamond Head is a wonderful example, with a route specifically for the avid hikers out there. Climb up as you look back to spectate the beauty of Waikiki, remembering that you’re experiencing this moment with the one you love.

4.   Hunger awaits

All this adventuring is guaranteed to get you hungry; luckily for you, there’s a bounty of places to wine and dine with your other half. There’s truly nothing like sitting down for a delicious meal with a refreshing beverage. Tucking into some delightful food while overlooking the spectacular views of Waikiki is sure to ignite that spark.

5.   Bask in the sun and dip your toes into some history

Now, you can’t go to Waikiki without experiencing the amazing history. Honolulu Art Museum offers you some brilliant collections and exhibitions. It’s important to remember these exhibitions are time-limited, so make sure you check what’s on during the time that you’re there. Enrich your relationship with some culture and learn together. Even if you’re not usually one for the arts, take a chance; you might enjoy it.

Go for it

Waikiki is a fabulous destination to take your partner to. Be adventurous and try somewhere new. There are so many fun activities available for you that you’re sure to find something you’ll both enjoy. If you put your mind to it, everything can become romantic, yes even falling over on a surfboard.

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