5 Retail Store Interior Design Tips To Boost Sales

Designing a retail store to boost sales is a topic that all boutique merchants look for. Putting catchy window displays, signage, or telling a brand’s story are good practices to turn the heads and get more traffic. But the real game lies in the details and the way you organize your store’s interiors. You can reach out to Sydney interior fit-out specialists to get your retail store transformed into a more inviting space.

Since human beings are visual, most sensory information the brain receives comes from eyes. Thus, you need to present something visually attractive to grab their attention. This is where interior design and layout of a retail store can help you get more customers and boost sales.

Don’t know how to start with the design and layout of your retail store? Read on to know some smart interior design tips that will not only make your retail store look appealing, but will also increase the sales. 

 Create A Decompression Zone Area

Also known as threshold area, a decompression zone area is the storefront area from where people enter your store. Based on the overall size of the store, this area is around 1.5 to 4.5 meter in space. This is the place where the prospective customers get to know what you have to offer.

As soon as they step in the store, they will make a clear judgement and will walk away if the area doesn’t impress them. So, how can you avoid splurge on the storefront? Decorate this area as per the theme of your store. For example, if it is a kids’ store, use vibrant colors and kids’ products to grab the eyeballs. 

Similarly, if it is an apparel store, align your presentation with a classy touch. You can talk to interior fit out specialists and get ideas on how to make your storefront more presentable.

Have A Clear Pathway For The Visitors

It doesn’t mean that you should place signboards or direction marks on the floor. Instead, the idea is to give your customers a chance to freely move around the store. The interior designing of your retail store should be done in such a way that people visiting the store can explore all the merchandise placed in the store.

Depending on the experience you like to create, you can use different approaches to create a clear pathway for people, like racks, display, furniture, etc. It is also an excellent way to control traffic in the store and reduce the crowd of the buyers at one spot.

Here, one pro tip is to use different flooring for the path and rest of the space. Another trick is to lead the customers to somewhere via this path. 

Remember The Right Side Rule

If you are an experienced retailer, you are already familiar to the fact that whenever people enter a store, they usually turn right. So, make sure to give this area some extra attention. How? Place such products that are captivating enough to grab their attention and generate curiosity to browse deeper. It is recommended to place seasonal or high-demand items there.

Place Everything Strategically

A retail store has several aisles or galleries showcasing an array of products. But, if you want to pull the attention of the customers, the products need to be placed strategically. Pay attention to the areas where people often cross over while browsing the products.

One great way to attract people is to place some seasonal offers or discounts trending in the store. When you place your products strategically, it will boost impulse purchases. Just make sure to change or update the displays to create a sense of freshness. You can also use visual breaks, like signage, displays, advertisements, etc. 

Don’t Forget Shoppers’ Comfort

With more and more people turning to ecommerce for buying products, brands are trying to makes their spaces as appealing and comfortable as possible. If you have a brick and mortar store, space the aisles and floors widely so that there is enough space for movement. People shouldn’t bump into each other.

You can consider adding a waiting area, allowing people to spend more time in the store. However, make sure that the seats face the merchandise. This way, the products will be present in the mind of those who are waiting.

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