5 Things to Consider When Choosing Chairs for Your Living Room

Whether you want to makeover your living room décor altogether, or you just need to replace a chair, there is a lot to be said for taking the time to consider what you are looking for from a chair before rushing out to buy one.

Of course, you will want any living room chair that you choose to blend in with the aesthetic, and you will also want it to be affordable. However, what are some of the other considerations that need to go into making this potentially large investment?


This sounds obvious but you will want to look at the style of your living room. What vibe do you get from it? Is it bright and bold, or does it give off an Addams Family vibe? Both are great.

You will need to consider how your new chair will fit into your home’s décor, as you won’t want to simply purchase anything and throw it into the room. Of course, if you are going for a hipster vibe, this is probably acceptable, as is having a bean bag chair set as your core seating.

Ease of Cleaning

It has happened to almost everyone. You go out and buy a white top (or in this case, a chair) and within a few hours, it has changed color and now looks muddy and mucky. Not great.

So, when it comes to choosing a chair for your living room, you will need to consider how easy it will be to clean the chair(s). Also, if you do invest in more expensive ones, can you afford to have them cleaned regularly?

Purpose of Chair

It may sound odd, as surely the purpose of the chair is to be sat in.

However, you will need to consider who is going to be using it, and how often it will be used. If it is going to be sat in every day, you will need to ensure it is comfortable and can take the load which will be asked of it. Similarly, if you have children in your home or pets, then you will need to consider how often they will use it, and how clean their hands (or paws) may be when they do.


Many people are working with rooms that are smaller than they were 10 years ago, especially if they have moved into an apartment. So, while it sounds obvious, you will need to consider the size of the chairs when planning to buy one. This goes for other sitting items of furniture too; you can’t fit a 3-piece suite into a small room. If you are very short on space, you may want to consider investing in foldable chairs, or multipurpose items of furniture, which can double up as a chair and a storage space.


In a similar vein, it can cause damage to wooden flooring or carpets to have a chair that is too heavy. Plus, if you have a chair that is going to be used by a toddler, you will want to ensure it doesn’t move when they try to sit on it, as this can cause them to fall over.

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