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5 Tools You Must Know to Recover Your Lost Files

Digital files are vulnerable to lots of digital attackers online. Aside from that, these files may also be corrupted due to our ignorance and unawareness. Given that we are so much focused on the virtual world, we may overlook that we should be ready and prepared for the unwanted circumstance that may occur beyond our capacity.

Everything may be under control but, we do not know when the unexpected incidents will happen. Expect the unexpected indeed. Since we are living in the digital and information age, these files are much as important as we are approaching the future. As a safety measure, you want to have tools that will help you to recover and repair your corrupted and broken digital files. Keep updated with these essential tools by going further in this blog.

1. GogoPDF File Recovery

Portable digital files (PDFs) are quite difficult to manipulate and assess as it is indeed stable and firm. Despite that firmness and stability, little did we know is that they are also vulnerable to corruption and alteration. You heard it right, PDF files could also be affected by certain types of malware, most especially if it is not encrypted. Luckily, there is an online site called GogoPDF from which offers a PDF repair tool.

What this tool does is fix the PDF from its cloud-based technology and assess the PDF from its cause of destruction. It repairs the PDF as immediately and efficiently as it can. In just a click away, the PDF file can now be accessed in its working condition. This online tool is also suitable for any operating system such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Aside from that, it does not collect the data you have in your PDF and ensures that it protects your data privacy. If you are looking for a PDF file quick fix that ensures security and upholds data privacy, this tool is for you. On top of that, this website is also free to use!

2. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

This is something that you can rely on when you are amid the dilemma of damaged files from which are lost, deleted, or destroyed. What is excellent here is that it does not choose storage devices to help and is indeed applicable for any type. The features and interface are user-friendly and comprehensive and alluring for your use. The technicalities are very simple, and even if you have a diminutive knowledge of software, you can fix it yourself. And look, the tool is free to download for both mac and windows book platforms. Do not also be shocked when it can recover more than five terabytes of data and information. Indeed, this one is versatile and useful.

3. PC Inspector File Recovery

A personal computer is truly essential for our digital file niches, and it allows us to be productive from lots of activities that we can do here. In school or the workplace, a PC is quite important. That is why when this type of device gave up, perhaps lots of information and data could also be lost or damaged. Some causes would be malware, and some would be unexpected power interruptions. Whatever it would be, there is a perfect software for it that could help you to recover all or some of your lost PC files.

PC Inspector File recovery enables users of the Windows operating system to get their files from the ruins while securing their safety and legality. This software has a free license and indeed promotes safe file recovery. The pitfall is that it is only suitable for Windows users. Aside from that, the software is somewhat complex to use, so knowledge of information technology could be an advantage.

4. Soft Perfect File Recovery

Quite simple and easy-to-use recovery software from which offers free and sincere service. The Soft Perfect file recovery is designed for mobile phone users and computers to recover the lost or damaged files from it due to malware attack, lost partition, software crash, or simply power interruption. If you are using mobile phones that lost their data and information, this software could be helpful for you to use as this one is helpful and phone-suitable.

Aside from that, it assesses and identifies the problem from the file, so that it could be addressed completely and appropriately. Instead of paying a huge amount of money from experts, you may consider this one as it is just free and has user-friendly methods and interface. This tool is truly a life hack to discover.

5. Recuva Data Recovery

When looking for free, attainable, reliable, and extraordinary data recovery software, do not ever forget to consider this one. The Recuva Data Recovery is software that will help you to recover your files from a wide range of types of devices. As we are all vulnerable to data loss in any device, we must always be ready for unexpected incidents that may damage or lose your file.

Although the software offers excellent data recovery, its capacity is somewhat on the downside as it has a limited set of features to correct the damages that cause file corruption. What makes it ideal; for any user is that it allows a simple interface that enables every user to navigate the system.

In Conclusion

Data recovery is quite important at these times as we are all approaching the digital and information age. Given that we are all using the data and information that we find and identify from both the physical and virtual settings, we must be ready for the unwanted circumstance that we might encounter. Essential data and information, most especially when it is academic and employment-related, could cause a huge impact on our lives.

These files could be the annual reports from our job, it could also be the unsubmitted projects that we accomplished in our school, or they are valuable files that keep us grateful and nostalgic such as our photos with our loved ones. Whatever it is, don’t forget to consider these helpful tools.

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