5 ways to make the exterior of your house more inviting

Each day when you get home from work and walk towards your house you get frustrated with the same thing: The exterior of your house. While it’s your absolute comfort zone on the inside, your house is lacking charm on the outside.

But while you can always adjust the interior of your house to your wishes by a few touches and nice decoration, changing the exterior of your house seems like a task that will cost you a lot of money and efforts. It is understandable that this is why you have always put aside the desire of a new look of your house.

In order for the exterior of your house to finally live up to your expectations and for you to be satisfied with the look of your house, we are going to present you 5 ways to transform the appearance of your house.

But while you can always adjust the interior of your house to your wishes by a few touches and nice decoration with the help of renovations contractors in Maryland, changing the exterior of your house seems like a task that will cost you a lot of money and efforts.

1. New color 

Let’s start with the most common flaw of a house and the one that bothers the most people: the color of the house. It doesn’t matter if the previous inhabitants of the house had a completely different taste than you, or if the color you chose is now faded and dull – the aesthetics of a house stand or fall with the color of its facade. A new coat of paint makes the house appear in a completely new light!

In order for the new color to look its best, you should hire a professional to do the job for you. However, you should pay attention to the costs. A repainting job is characterized by both high material and craft costs. The intermediate drying of the paint layers and the installation and deinstallation of the required equipment take up a lot of time and therefore drive up the costs.

2. Facade cleaning 

Cleaning the facade is a cheaper and faster alternative to repainting your house. If the facade is stained by algae or general everyday dirt and no longer bright, a facade cleaning can make the house shine again.

A great advantage is that the cost of scaffolding is saved, because telescopic lances are used in this method to give your house a new charm. With high pressure cleaners and special means the front is freed from discolorations and infestations. A disinfectant coating completes the process of facade cleaning and provides long-term protection against new algae infestations.

However, facade cleaning should also be left to professionals. With the help of a facade cleaning service, you can give your house a completely new look, and at a price that is not too high, because it is cheaper than repainting.

3. New facade elements 

If you are quite satisfied with the color of your house, but you still feel that it is charmless, you can also spice up the facade in other ways. One suggestion here would be a mix of materials through new wood paneling. In this way, the color could be complemented by a color that matches it, and the structure of the wood panels could bring a little movement to the facade of the house.

This can even change the entire style of a home. Straight wood panels give your home a rustic and cozy look that leads to a smile when coming home.

4. New windows/shutters 

Of course, the facade is not the only aspect that adds flair to a home.  The windows of a house also contribute tremendously to the look of your home. Too many wooden windows? Great, you can sand them down and apply special window paints in the color of your choice. This way you can give your old windows a whole new look.

You can also have your windows completely replaced. For example, you can replace your windows with muntin windows. Of course, modern and elegant window frames are also possible. Window replacement not only benefits the appearance of your house, but also the thermal and sound protection.

Perhaps shutters are also worth considering, which, depending on the choice of color and structure, can harmonize well with your facade or bring variety through strong contrasts. For window replacement and more, you should contact the right home remodel contractor that will take care of the work in a professional way.

5. Facade tendrils 

Painting, cleaning, paneling or new windows are not an option for you? Then venture to the natural variant of upgrading your house: climbing plants!

The green leaves of climbing plants like ivy gradually pull themselves up the wall of your house, hiding boring colors underneath and giving your house an enchanted look! The great thing is that ivy stays green all year round! However, it should be noted that facade vines leave traces on the facade. So, if at some point you have had enough of the green growth on your home exterior, it will have to be removed which is costly!


As you can see, there are many ways to better your home exterior. Therefore, you could try one of these ways to improve the exterior of your home so that you no longer have to return home after a long day feeling frustrated and upset with your home.

Of course, any change in the appearance of your home will bring a few costs and efforts – some more, some less. Consider carefully in beforehand which one is worth its cost, what suits you as well as the other inhabitants of the house the most, and which solution will make you the happiest!

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