5g Network: more than your imagination

Humankind has developed unique technologies using their imaginations. But telecommunication network is one of the most significant innovations of all. You may under imitate the power of telecommunication networks. But in a word, our current earth is running by the grace of telecommunication networks.

About telecommunication network generations

The world is using a 4g or 4th generation network for your communication. In the last half of the previous century, the 3g network rules this telecommunication field. How quick ly things are changing! Now in white eyes, you can feel the difference. With the development of telecommunication networks, the world turns into an automated one. Things are happening here was out of the imagination about a decade ago.

Even Mark Zuckerberg himself cannot imagine that Facebook might be used as an online market place. When you have the fastest data transmission systems, you will find many unique imaginations.

What 5G is going to offer?

In simple words, the 5G network is offering the very fastest data transmission system than all previous networks. In 5G, data transmission speed will be more than 1Gb/s(Gigabits). 4G provides us up to 100 to 300 Mb/s. the world will be more speed. More speed means less time and more connections.

Innovations with 5G 

Faster telecommunication networks will offer many blessing to human being. In this era of 5G, you can see unique innovations that are totally out of imagination.

3D printing: a 3D printer is an expensive machine this day, and limited people can use it. But a faster communication network makes a massive development of this field. 

Iota: The Internet of things is the technology of maintaining your daily life with a single click. 5G will offer a lot of opportunities for Iota.

Robot catering service: in these days, catering service is depending on human, that is time-consuming and costly. By the touch of 5G, this sector will change a lot. You can see a drone or robot delivery man at your gate within years.

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