6 apps that will improve your focus

You may be familiar with the struggle of getting distracted by social media and other apps on your phone. Social media can be a great way to stay in contact with friends and family, but it’s also incredibly addictive. An average individual checks their facebook feeds and instagram posts for at least two hours per day. However, studies show that people who check their phones frequently are less productive than those who don’t. Fortunately, there are many applications you can download to help improve your focus to get more done!

Here are the apps that enable you to do exponentially more!

  1. Forest: This app keeps you productive and focused by growing virtual trees. It motivates you to increase your forest that lives when you stay off of your phone – if you stay on task, your tree lives; if not, it dies. It is a free app that makes you plant trees every day to check your phone/computer/tabs. If you fail, then your tree dies, making all of the progress made from growing it! You can also keep yourself up by adding friends and seeing their trees outlive yours or vice versa, so you know who is more focused on their work. Forest can be downloaded for both an Android and an iOS phone, but remember, if you click on any notification at all while playoing, your tree dies! Thus, it is a great app to keep you off of your phone, while it is still in your hand. Some of the features of this app are that it also comes with a variety of calming, focus-increasing music and beats that keep you centered on your task. The app also prevents you from opening other apps while this one is running. You may download these apps from u1337x, allowing a quick download no matter how big the file may be.
  2. Headspace: This is a guided meditation app that helps you focus on your work and thought processes. It is an audio-based application with no visual distractions so that you can use it at any time, and there isn’t anything to look at while meditating. Some of the features of this app are that it comes with meditation sessions like “take a break” and “driving.” The premium version also comes with several different voices to guide you into bliss, such as Andy Puddicombe or Guy Turton, among others. It is an excellent app for when you have a break in your work because you can fire up this app to take a breather. You can use the app in conjunction with Do Not Disturb, which allows you to turn off notifications (which can lead to distractions) until you decide to turn it back on. You can set timers for how long you want to focus and then head into a session with Headspace. When the timer ends, Do Not Disturb turns itself back on and allows your notifications to enter your mind once again.
  3. Calm:


This app allows the user to enter a guided meditation that they can select. It is not just relaxation, but rather peace in the context of goals. Fixed goals are things like being more focused on your job or having better relationships. The user can also choose to have a regular session which helps with stress relief and anxiety management. Calm has another feature, Calm Wave, which allows the user to play white noise, rain, wind, or some other form of sound that can lull them into a relaxed state.

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  1. Focus Keeper: This app is designed to be the antithesis of Calm. It helps the user focus. It does this by telling them it’s time to practice and then counting down like many meditation apps do (5 minutes, 4 minutes). The difference here is that after 10 seconds, it tells you why you’re practicing focusing; for example, “you’re focusing because you need to finish an assignment on time.” It is meant to develop mental toughness. Doing this makes the user less likely to get distracted and more likely to finish what they’re working on. The focus bot also gives tips during your session like “breathe through your nose” or “take a drink of water.” These tips are meant to keep you calm and still. The bot has a very standardized tone.
  2. Noisli: Listening to the sound of falling rain taps helps to calm you down and focus on your work. It’s almost as if listening to this noise relaxes the muscles in your body and allows for deeper breathing. The app offers various relaxing sounds, such as the sound of rainfall and gentle waves crashing on a beach. The interface is easy to use, and you’ll be able to adjust volume, brightness, and background colors. The tone is very relaxing, but at times it can’t help but feel monotonous. There’s not much variation to the audio, which might be a problem for those who need more than just the sound of falling rain taps.visit here to know more information : btctraders24
  3. Cognifit:

CogniFit application stimulates cognitive skills by offering personalized training through interactive mental games. CogniFit has been shown to have positive effects in treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other cognitive dysfunctions. You can choose the pace at which you go through the exercises, although there are only six options for this. You can set work and rest times according to your personal preferences. The interface is clean and easy, but it lacks graphic variety, so the background starts to look bland after a while. The exercises are divided into categories such as “memory,” “attention,” “language,” and “perception.” There are three levels of difficulty for each exercise that either increase or decrease the time (“Basic,” “Intermediate,” and “Advanced”) or the number of repetitions (“Once,” “Twice,” and “Three times”). Each exercise is pretty self-explanatory, and some of them look more like games than memory exercises.

Conclusion: your phone may be the distraction that keeps you from being 100% productive. However, your phone can also become your partner to help you recenter yourself to work and complete the tasks at hand with maximum efficiency. Keep working!

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