6 Reasons to Use PPC for Fashion Industry

Many retailers, especially those in the fashion industry, use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to increase sales and traffic to their online stores. Paid search, such as Google Ads or Microsoft Ads, can help high-growth retailers and online brands succeed in eCommerce. Paid search will provide extra exposure for brands, assist online stores in competing with larger retailers, and boost brand interest.

So, what makes fashion eCommerce and PPC such a good match for growth?

1. Let your fashion promotions known. 

If you choose to advertise a new product line or run a one-time or seasonal promotion, paid search will help you succeed by increasing the exposure of your current deals and sales events. Promotion Extensions are a Google Advertising feature that allows you to highlight your promotional event inside your ads, including more information about the deal on your search campaigns. They were first introduced about two years ago.

With the help of paid advertisement, your marketing strategy will help you stay competitive in a crowded fashion market. There are numerous search engine marketing companies in UAE and around the world that provide marketing services and ensure results. You can always outsource this to experts.

2. Highlight imagery with Showcase Shopping

Similar to Facebook’s Carousel ads, Google Ads now also has Showcase Shopping ads feature, which has several items in an ad with additional imagery. Adwords Marketing agencies focus more on the visual aspect of the paid ads because they have shown much more potential than text ads.

Fashion retailers have a plethora of visual assets, including fashion and lifestyle photography. However, it has been difficult to take advantage of these in the past when looking at digital advertising – search has traditionally been text-only, and social ads in their early stages had little imagery. Fashion retailers can benefit from Showcase Shopping advertising and similar visual ads.

3. Remarketing

You may create a plan for digital ads and paid search at all stages of the buying funnel, using a variety of ad forms and audience lists, as well as a robust remarketing strategy. This will allow you to reengage with new customers, site users, and returning shoppers on a regular basis, enabling them to make purchases.

At each touchpoint of their journey, you can engage remarketing lists with video, responsive display, search, and shopping advertising, offering an efficient and engaging customer experience.

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4. A Partner to social media

With remarketing, digital ads can also help drive traffic and revenues from other channels. When a customer sees and clicks on a social media ad, visits the web, and leaves, you can use paid search and remarketing to advertise advertising to them again – the ideal complement to social.

Moreover, with granular audience targeting, you can re-engage with potential customers and ensure that bids are more competitive for those who are more likely to convert.

5. Completing factor for the conversion funnel

Paid quest will help you expand the scope of your products and even help you complete the entire conversion process. Customers can interact with your brand through several digital touchpoints, which you can take advantage of with PPC by using display advertising, search ads, remarketing ads, and so on.

Keeping this ad space can be advantageous because it reduces the chance of rivals upsetting the consumer journey and keeps you top of mind.

6. Brand Protection

We often advise retailers to run advertised promotions to ensure that their advertisements show up as consumers search for your brand. Creating a PPC strategy for your brand terms would shield you from rivals or resellers bidding on your brand terms and gaining market share.

Leave an impact with pay per click advertising

Fashion is a crowded industry that will only continue to expand and become more difficult to navigate. To make a name for themselves and get their products to market, eCommerce and marketing managers must use all of their tools, especially pay-per-click advertising.

If you are not familiar with PPC and you want to focus on other aspects of your business, you can always contact Prism, the best PPC Marketing Agency in Dubai. Do write to us if you need PPC services.

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