7 Best Alkaline Mineral Water Filter Carafes

The benefits of alkaline water are well-studied, and they’re becoming more and more mainstream as people start to look closely at their water quality. Raising the pH of water just a small amount has the potential to balance the body, hydrate us better, and even boost our immune system!

But enjoying the benefits of alkaline water is only possible if you have a way to raise the pH of your water. Tap water isn’t alkaline; neither is bottled water (usually). To access alkaline water, you’ll need to invest in a water filter carafe that can take your water’s pH level from 7-7.5 to 8-9.

There’s no shortage of models on the market that claim to alkalize water, but not all of them will get the job done. Here’s a look at the seven best alkaline mineral water filter carafes.

1. Aquaspace® ION™ Alkaline Mineral Filter Carafe

This water filter carafe does it all when it comes to providing users with crisp, clean, alkaline water. First and foremost, it offers alkalizing properties up to a pH of 9 (+/- .5). This puts any water filtered in this carafe firmly in alkaline territory. Not only does it alkalize, it also mineralizes by adding calcium and magnesium. These nourishing minerals—combined with better bioavailability from a raised pH—help you hydrate more efficiently.

With a 40oz capacity and a filter life of 45 gallons (two months), the Aquaspace® ION™ Alkaline Mineral Filter Carafe delivers superior alkaline water with every pour, alongside fortifying benefits other carafes simply can’t match.

2. Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

An economic solution to getting your daily dose of alkaline water, this pitcher combines affordability and filtration capabilities into one. Its multi-stage filtering system removes all manner of harmful contaminants including fluoride and chlorine, while imbuing water with the alkalinity to raise its pH to ranges of 8-9. Its convenient design is also user-friendly—easy to fill, store in the fridge and pour.

The Hekyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher has a great 50oz capacity and a filter life of about 37.5 gallons. A digital display also indicates how many days the filter remains good for, as a handy reminder for when to replace.

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3. DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher

A more compact alkaline water filter than others on this list, this is a great option for personal use. Despite its compact size, it features a large filter that makes alkalizing water quick and efficient. It’s also one of the most affordable on this list; however, it only comes with a single filter, as opposed to the standard inclusion of two (one active, one replacement).

The DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher will raise the alkalinity of water to a pH of 8-9, and it’ll accomplish this rather quickly. A digital meter on the top of the carafe tells how much life is left in the filter, which varies depending on the condition of your tap water. The downside to this pitcher? While it has an easy-fill top, changing the filter can be cumbersome.

4. pH Vitality Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher

The only non-plastic carafe on this list, the pH Vitality Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher is also one of the most luxurious—a great option for everyday use. This carafe is also 64 ounces, which makes it ideal for families.

The carafe features a unique mesh filter that increases the alkalinity of water to a pH of 9-10. Each filter bag offers an amazing lifespan of 105 gallons (100+ days), and is easy to replace or use in other carafes. Not only does it raise the pH of water, it improves the taste, smell and clarity, for all-around results that speak for themselves. The only real downside to this pitcher is that blemishes will show with regular use.

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5. Lake Industries 7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Those looking for a middle-of-the-road alkaline mineral water filter carafe will find plenty of utility in this model from Lake Industries. It features a 7-stage filtration system that results in clean, safe water with a pH that’s slightly alkaline (~8). Its slim 50oz design is a great fit for your fridge and won’t take up significant room like larger carafes will.

While it offers excellent filtering capabilities, this pitcher sacrifices when it comes to construction. Made of rigid, recycled AS/ABS plastic, it can feel cheap and may not stand up to significant use over time. That said, it’s convenient, offering a quick-fill top and easy-pour spout to make enjoying alkaline water simple—even for kids.

6. Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

If you’re the type of person to drink water from your carafe throughout the day, you’ll need an alkaline filtering system with a bold capacity. The Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher offers it! Dual alkaline filters process over 200 gallons of water before they need replacing, and each has the power to raise the pH of filtered water to ~9.5.

One of the best all-around filtering carafes on this list, expect to see a reduction in everything from bad tastes and odors, to trihalomethanes and pesticides, to inorganic contaminants like lead and mercury. That said, you’ll pay for this level of filtration—filter replacements are expensive, and there are two filters hard at work in this 64oz carafe.

7. Reshape Water Alkaline Water Pitcher

The 6-stage filtration capabilities offered by the Reshape Water Alkaline Water Pitcher mean the water you’re drinking is among the purest you can get from a filtering carafe. Not only does it register alkaline (pH ~8), it’ll also be free of harmful organics and inorganics, including fluoride, lead and VOCs common to tap water.

The claim to fame for this alkaline mineral water filter carafe is its long-lasting filter, which lasts for up to 80 gallons (75 days). That said, replacing these filters can be difficult—there’s a four-part assembly to secure them in place. And, if not installed correctly, these filters can clog or take significant time to filter water.

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