7 Expert Tips to Online Slot Gaming 

Slots are supposed to be entertainment, but some would like to occasionally turn in a profit, or at the very least, get back what they wager, whilst they are being entertained.  However, winning at slots is all down to luck, but other aspects of slot gaming can be controlled to a certain degree. So here are 7 top tips to help you stay safe and enjoy online slot gaming whilst you try and beat the odds at

1. Licensing 

To play slots with real cash, you need to join a slot site. This sounds straightforward enough, but because there are so many sites to choose from, players can struggle to decide what site to side with. The first important step is to find a slot site that is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.  A licensed site must keep to certain rules set out by the commission and any deviation from these, can lead to the site being fined, or even it losing the right to operate in the UK. 

2. Safer Gambling Tools 

All sites by law must offer their customers safer gambling tools. Players are not obliged to use these tools, but they do help gamblers control their spending, and the amount of time spent playing slots. For those who like to stick to gambling budgets, then the best tools available are deposit limits. 

3. Customer Services 

A good slot gaming experience can suddenly be ruined by technical problems, such as games not loading, or not spinning properly. This can happen at any time, and because of this, customer services should be ready and waiting to help 24 hours a day. The best and quickest channels for help are live chat and phone, so having these options always staffed, is what slot players should be looking for in a slot site. 

4. Payment Options 

Payment options are often overlooked by online slot site players, but it should be a priority to play at a site that offers the banking options that suit individuals best. There is no point in joining a site then realizing that you cannot deposit because the options do not cater to your needs. 

5. Game Choice 

With all the technicalities out of the way, slot players’ thoughts turn to the art of gaming itself. To enjoy slots, punters should pick slot sites that offer a large selection of games including personal favourites.

6. RTP Scores 

Slots can be great fun, but they are constantly eating cash, so much so, that a point is eventually reached where players must think of playing more strategically, with the hope that they can at the very least, regularly break even. To do this, some games need to be left alone, no matter how thrilling they might be to play. Instead, player attention should turn to high RTP scoring games. These are more likely to return a decent percentage of what players wager, back to them. 

7. Cashing Out 

There is no point in finding a lucky slot that pays out and helps you break even or turn a profit, if you don’t cash out what has been won. This is the biggest sin committed by slot players and is only surpassed by overspending.

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