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7 Ways to Make Your Home Safer and More Secure

There are so many things that anyone can do to protect their own property. Most people choose to have a locked door, an alarm system, extra locks for windows and doors, or even a security camera. While these may seem like basic ideas, so many people are not aware of the other things that you can do to protect yourself from potential dangers. Below is a list of the best ways to make your home safer and more secure.

1.   Keep Your Home In Good Repair

Your home will eventually start to deteriorate quickly. If your home is built atop of a foundation that is cracked, it could be more susceptible to an intrusion from outside forces. A simple repair can help ensure the safety of your home, but it can be an expensive one if there is extensive damage. If financing your repair is going to be an issue, consider contacting a specialist lender like Sachem Lending for a loan to help you secure your home and keep everyone safe inside.

2.   Never Put Your Keys Where Someone Else Can Find Them

If you want to prevent an outside intruder from entering your home, never store your keys in a place where someone else can find them easily. This will also keep your home or car from getting broken into. Although this may seem obvious, it is something that is worth getting into a good habit with.

3.    Secure Your Windows and Doors Properly

Your home will not be safer if your windows are left open or if doors are left unlocked. When securing your doors and windows, try to install additional locks to ensure that they are not easily jimmied or forced open.

If you have a basement, consider installing an alarm system on the inside of the door instead of on the outside.

4.   Talk to Your Neighbors About Their Security Practices

If you live in a neighborhood or community that you feel is not as safe as others, it may be time to talk to your neighbors and see what they do to secure their homes. Knowing that your neighbors have security cameras, the best perimeter security fences and locks on their doors can help you feel more comfortable knowing that this community would likely deter any criminals.

5.   Consider Your Own Security Cameras or Personal Protection Devices

Some people feel that a surveillance camera is not enough to protect their own homes. If this is the case, it may be time to consider getting a personal protection device, such as pepper spray.

Alternatively, you can also install security cameras that are monitored by an outside company to ensure your house is safe at all times.

6.   Keep Your Home Lit with Well-Placed Lights

Lighting is one of the most underrated ways to secure your home. Having sensitive security lights will allow you to instantly see who is trying to enter your home in the dark or when it is raining. Good lighting will also give you enough time to get yourself out of harm’s way if your home becomes broken into.

7.   Install an Alarm System to Protect Your Home

If you are trying to keep your home secure without spending more money on a security system, consider purchasing a wireless alarm that you can control from your smartphone. This will allow you to set up security monitoring from anywhere in the world at any time.

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