8 Baseless Myths about Eyes and Vision That Are Not True

From ancient times, we have heard many myths about our eyes. Like carrots can improve your vision, or looking directly into the sun will bring happiness. But, is there any truth that has been found about those myths? Let’s check out are they true or not. However, if you have any problem with your eyes, then you should quickly consult a doctor and get prescription glasses magnetic sunglasses.

Common Myths about Eyes and Vision

I am sure you have heard these myths about eye and vision once in your life:

1. All Babies Are Born with Blue Eyes

It can seem like babies are born with blue eyes because their eyes don’t have enough melanin, which is responsible for darker iris and eye color. But, in babies, melanin develops, and after 12 months, the baby’s eyes become darker.

2. Babies Are Born with Fully Grown Eyes

It is really a baseless statement. Baby eyes are not fully grown. All baby eyes are two-thirds in size of the adult eyes. And, all baby eyes continue growing during puberty. That’s why this myth is just a proofless and meaningless fantasy.

3. Two Brown-Eyed Parents Can’t Have a Blue-Eyed Baby

We actually can’t predict what would be the eye color of a baby before the baby has born. It’s completely impossible. The eye color of a baby can be any color, and it depends on the genes. All 16 of them are responsible for eye color. So, any parents can have a baby with any eye color depending on their genes.

4. Eating Carrots Will Improve Your Eyesight

Carrots are an extremely good source of nutrients and minerals that are good for eyesight and good eye care. It is a fact that carrots won’t cure your eyesight. It has the ability that will help you with strains and will provide you with nutrients and minerals that you will need for eye care. But, carrots won’t improve your eyesight.

5. Eye Exercises Will Improve Your Eyesight

Many people believe that eye exercises can improve your eyesight. But, sorry to disappoint you that it can’t improve the eyesight that you have lost. But, eye exercises are very helpful for taking care of your eye’s health and for those who can’t focus easily on any posit or thing.

6. Staring at the Sun Directly Will Bring Well-being

It has been said for generations that many peoples that are staring directly at the sun will bring happiness and well-being. But, there is no proof, and if you stare at the sun directly and without any eye protection for a shorter period of time, then your retina will suffer from a great amount of damage.

7. Crossing Your Eyes Will Make Them Stay Forever

Our eye’s muscles are placed in a manner that allows us to move our eyes in any direction without any difficulties. At the same time, the muscles are freely movable. So, just because you have crossed your eyes, that won’t make them stay crossed forcefully forever.

8. Only Boys Can Be Color Blind

Boys are at a much higher risk of becoming color blind, but that doesn’t mean women are not suffering from a color deficiency. It is a fact that 1 out of 10 males suffers from color deficiency, but 1 out of 200 females are also suffering from the same problems. However, color deficiency depends on their genes, not gender, so anyone and any gender can suffer from color blindness.,


These are the most common myths about eyes and visions that I think everyone has heard. But, don’t believe in those; they are just superstitions.

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