8 Best Practices for Online Fundraising

The fundraising world is opening up, allowing nonprofits to find new and unique ways to encourage giving, including online fundraising. While nonprofit database management will help you coordinate some of these events to make the most of the experience, you will also need to incorporate best practices to benefit the most from online efforts.

1. Promote Your Monthly Giving Program

While utilizing Import RE into your nonprofit management practices, you can also take advantage of donor segmentation. By reviewing how your donors prefer to interact with your organization and what they are most interested in supporting, you can frame your marketing efforts only towards those who are most likely to participate and give.

2. Prioritize Matching Gifts

Reviewing your Salesforce Donor Management software, locate donors who might be willing to participate in a matching gifts program. When organizations promote matching gifts, they often see an uptick in giving, typically around 19%. By prioritizing this type of fundraising effort, you can increase your organization’s efforts exponentially.

3. Implement a Donations Page

One of the easiest and most lucrative ways to increase giving is to incorporate a donations page on your website. Many people prefer to give through online tools. Also, you can program the page to allow for automated monthly donations, ensuring your donors do not forget about the nonprofit when on vacation or celebrating the holidays.

4. Use Email Marketing

Despite the myths, email marketing is not dying. If anything, it is becoming increasingly popular among all demographics. More than 60% of nonprofit donors claim that email communication is what inspires them to give more. Therefore, it is essential to have an email opt-in on your website.

5. Permit Tribute Giving or Memorial Donations

Sometimes, people do not want to give for themselves but someone else. For example, memorial donations are often given because the nonprofit or its cause was important to a deceased family member. Allowing people to give in memory or tribute is an excellent way to obtain donations from people who might not have otherwise given.

6. Use Social Media

Every nonprofit should have a social media presence. More and more donors are connecting to organizations directly through their social media profiles. Have a presence does not mean you need to have a profile on every social media platform; it only suggests maintaining a presence on those platforms most used by your donors.

7. Experiment With P2P Funding or Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding or peer-to-peer funding is a growing trend in the nonprofit sector. It is a way of connecting with donors directly and using an establishing fundraising platform. Using P2P networks or crowdfunding sites is a decent idea for smaller nonprofits that have not established their own digital presence.

8. Host Virtual Events

An excellent way to interact with your donors and encourage future giving is with virtual events. Most in-person events can be performed virtually as well. For example, you can host virtual panel discussions, concerts, cooking classes, etc. If you can get enough participation, the event is worth it.

Are you ready to take your fundraising from strictly in-person to a combination with digital best practices? If so, contact a data management company specializing in nonprofits and ask for help.

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