8 Things People Counting Can Help Business Owners Understand

People counting technology has been helping businesses grow for ages. In fact, even in its simplest form, it provides valuable data that greatly affects entrepreneurial decisions and a business’s market performance.

Still, not everyone is aware of the specific information that people counting can offer besides the number of visitors a place gets.

If you’re ready to take your business to greater heights, here are eight things you should be on the lookout for when using a people counter that could make or break your company’s success and growth:


1.   Why customers behave the way they do

Customer behavior is one of the most crucial data you need to drive your business toward growth. Because of this, you must learn as much as you can about it.

Consumer behavior shapes not only your marketing efforts but also the different pathways you can take in your chosen industry. To understand consumer behavior better, you need to know what influences their buying decisions and fill the information gap about why they choose (or do not choose) certain products in the market.

With the help of people-counting technology, you can come up with a consumer behavior analysis that will tell you:

  • How customers feel and think when faced with several alternatives, like products or brands.
  • What factors influence their choice among the available options.
  • How consumers behave while they research and shop for specific products.
  • How the environment (e.g., family, friends, or media) influences consumer behavior.


2.   The cost-efficient employee-to-customer ratio

Another important insight you get from measuring footfall traffic is the ideal staffing schedule for your business.

One of the core advantages of people counting is knowing a close estimate of the number of visitors that enter your store during specific times and days. You can use this information to make staffing decisions that ensure optimum performance and business success.

You can use people-counting systems to optimize your business operations by putting as many staff as needed in a particular section of your store during high-activity times. This will prevent lost sales opportunities and enhance overall customer service (more on this later).

Plus, footfall counters allow you to see which hours of the day your store gets fewer visitors, which means you can adjust staffing to reduce labor costs, yielding the most cost-efficient staffing schedule for your business.


3.   The effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Another critical piece of information you can gain from footfall counters is the rate of effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This applies to external (e.g., TV, online, etc.) and internal ads (e.g., store signages, retail displays, and kiosks).

Once you determine which marketing efforts work best in drawing people to your establishment, you can invest more in those and keep your customers interested in your business.


4.   Your store’s occupancy rate

Some businesses, like restaurants, have a specific occupancy limit. This information usually only needs to be determined upon purchasing dining tables and chairs for specific rooms, like the main dining room, private banquet halls, and party rooms.

However, changes in restaurant layout due to factors like the COVID-19 pandemic call for a regular revisiting of both the table arrangement and the flow of traffic to gather current occupancy data, and ensure that customers feel comfortable and safe while dining.


5.   Your level of customer service efficiency

As mentioned earlier, people-counting technology can help you improve your store’s customer service efficiency.

With footfall counters, you can determine where exactly in your business establishment people gather most often. You can use this information to optimize the store layout to suit your customers’ desires and needs.

Plus, the more data you gain from how customers behave, the easier you can offer the level of service they require. Ultimately, this will ensure that they’ll return to your store over and over again.


6.   Your conversion and bounce rate

In a retail business, you must understand the importance of the number of leads that are converted into paying customers. Rather than merely focusing on the volume of sales you get, knowing how many customers are converted and the opportunities lost will give you a clue about whatever issue needs to be addressed to reduce your bounce rate.

If, within a given period, you see a significant discrepancy, you can talk to your managers and take the necessary steps to assess what went wrong. Was it the poor location layout or the long queues during checkout? Perhaps it was due to less-than-ideal customer service?

Once you have the information you need, you can take steps to improve your store’s overall performance and come up with smart ways to prevent the same issues from reoccurring.


7.   How different locations compare

When you have several branches or areas of business, having people counters can also help you make comparative assessments to make informed business decisions.

With people counting, you not only determine the individual performance of each branch but also get a bird’s eye view of the differences in performance per location. This will give you valuable insights on whether a specific area or branch is worth expanding or if it’s time to redirect your resources to other more profitable branches.

Having the information from footfall counters also tells you to know which stores to investigate and develop a benchmark that you can use to improve the performance of all your locations.

The best part is that these modern people counters track real-time data, allowing you to see any progress resulting from the changes you’ve made.


8.   Trends and challenges you must adapt to

Aside from counting the people who visit your store daily, footfall counting systems also serve as a key tool in pinpointing business trends. Depending on the extent of data you gather, this technology can provide information from short-term to long-term trends in the industry.

Since many factors affect consumer behavior, you also need to stay on top of any changes that can affect your business. With more detailed data from modern people counters, you can develop a more comprehensive solution to adapt to these changes.

For example, even if your marketing campaign yields higher website traffic, there could still be a problem with marketing or the customer experience if the sales numbers do not change.

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New Learning From People Counting

Learning new things is the core of growth.

In business, the new knowledge you gain from people counters can serve as your stepping-stone to achieving your goals and ensuring your company’s growth.

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