When it comes to one’s wardrobe, people always emphasise the significance of excellent style and good quality. So, the concept of investment pieces is also recognisable to one. Everyone knows that many people (if not all) are guilty of buying an inexpensive and economical piece of clothing on a whim. While the odd basic is perfectly alright, people prefer to invest a little additional money on fine pieces that may last a lifetime and stay iconic in style. One must look out for such suits in brands like Belancé tailored suits. Having the perfect suit can completely alter one’s look. There are several types of suits in the market:

Single-breasted suit

A single-breasted suit is ideal for the modern man wanting to invest in a customised suit. This style is a more flexible alternative because it is expected, practical, and acceptable for several events. A single-breasted jacket, coat, or blazer features a single line of buttons with a slight overlap of cloth. They also typically feature a notch lapel. The single-breasted suit is the epitome of subtle elegance, and it’s fantastic for elongating the torso and making you look taller and thinner.


A double-breasted suit will usually have three to four buttons on each side of the jacket. This suit also features a peak lapel, which helps to make your chest look more prominent. The double-breasted suit is a stylish style that is suited for thinner guys. A double-breasted suit, which comes in a variety of designs and sizes, is a must-have in your arsenal for semi-formal and corporate gatherings.

Unstructured Blazer

An unstructured blazer is ideal for the laid-back man seeking something a little more relaxed and comfy. This design is best paired with jeans or chinos and is generally lightweight and spacious enough to accommodate extra layers of clothing below. The streamlined item conforms to your body shape, letting it drape more organically and provide you with a more comfortable fit. Above all, the unstructured blazer is a terrific all-year option.

Half Canvas

A half canvas style is a way to go if you’re searching for a suit on a budget. This design has a fusion down near the bottom and a stitched canvas piece in the chest and lapel of the jacket. Compared to a bonded interlining, the half-canvas is more ventilated, pleasant, and durable. A half canvas design is also significantly less expensive than other designs.

Full canvas

A complete canvas design is required for the highest quality in a suit. The entire canvas allows for correct fabric placement, resulting in a flawlessly fitted fit over time. It is the most durable design on the market, although it is typically more costly than other types. The entire canvas provides the most flexibility since when you move, the suit flows with you.

Patch Pocket

The patch pocket is a versatile and fashionable pocket that is stitched on the exterior of the garment. Patch pocket jackets provide a trendy style without appearing overdressed, as a suit or blazer might. The collection of Belancé tailored suits of this type is worth checking out.

Welt pocket

A welt pocket is generally a pocket affixed to the inside of a lined garment. It features a rectangular aperture with one or two flaps on either side. It is the most formal style of pocket and is frequently seen on evening wear. Welt pockets look excellent on any jacket, coat, or blazer, especially when you want to seem sophisticated.

Patch Pocket

Patch pockets are a more informed choice, whilst the jet pocket is a touch more professional. They are most exclusive pocket seen on the inside of a garment. The jetted design is ideal for more sophisticated suit jackets because the pocket is nearly internal. The pocket on the inside makes the jacket’s lines look more sleek and elegant.

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