9 Incredible benefits of an Electric Fireplace

Nothing sets the stage for a cozy evening with family and friends in your home like a nice warm fire. But what if you don’t have a fireplace or don’t want to deal with the mess that comes with one?

Step into the electric fireplace. Not only do they heat your room, but they are also safer than a traditional fireplace and plug into any standard electrical outlet. See the 9 benefits of an best electric fireplace insert:

1. No mess

You don’t have to worry about cleaning ash and burned wood. When you’re done using your electric fireplace, just grab your remote and turn it off and you’re done. How easy is that?

2. No smoke

Say goodbye to the smell of the campfire that takes over your house. My electric fireplaces do not emit fumes or pollutants. The only thing you will smell is the sweet aroma of hot chocolate and hot coffee. Save a mug for me! I like cream and sugar. Also, my electric fireplaces do not require vents or gas.

3. Ideal for any room

Electric fireplace inserts are ideal for any room in your home: living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, game rooms, dining rooms, offices, kitchens, and living rooms. And unlike wall-mounted gas fireplaces, traditional and mantel fireplaces, you’ll move your electric fireplace from room to room to vary things up. Freelance is much easier to work with.

4. They are profitable

An electric fireplace will not increase the temperature of your energy bill. My electric fireplaces are extremely profitable.

  • 1 ¢ per hour without heat
  • 11 ¢ per hour with heat
  • 100% energy efficient

Lowering your thermostat to 10-15 degrees for 8 hours a day can save you up to 10% off your heating bill, according to the Energy Information Administration.

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5. Family-friendly

My electric fireplaces have a glass front that stays cool to the touch. This is a welcome reassurance for anyone with children because the first thing a child will do after you tell them not to touch something is well, go and touch it. You don’t need to worry about this with my glass front cool to the touch. Now, your favorite China has been in your family for generations; I can’t help you keep your kids away from it!

6. Fire prevention technology

All of my electric fireplaces feature Safer Plug fire prevention technology. This technology continuously monitors the plug temperature during use and automatically shuts down the fireplace if unsafe conditions arise. Once temperatures have cooled down, Safer Plug allows you to resume normal product use.

7. Realistic flame effects

All of my electric fireplaces feature realistic flame effects to create that cozy atmosphere because you can’t have a fireplace, electric or wood-burning, without flames.

Enjoy the ultra-realistic 3D Flame effect with the traditional log sets featured on my Frontier, Joanna, and Scarlett.

Contemporary Spectrafire is used in My Salon, Essex, and Samatha, as well as a customizable flame effect with transparent fire crystals.

Alternatively, with the Spectrafire Flame Effect Technology included in my Flare, Ember, Blaze Black, and Blaze Gray, you can experience the classic wood fire effect. These electric fireplaces also have a realistic gas flame effect.

8. Heat your room

They’re not called Bob’s Hotties for anything! My electric fireplaces have a 1500 watt / 5200 BTU per hour infrared quartz heating fan that can heat any room to 1000 square feet.

9. Turn up the music with a TV stand

Not only can my electric fireplaces heat a room, but they can also turn the tune-up too! Enjoy the Bluetooth sound system on my Samatha, Blaze Gray, Blaze Black, Ember, and Flare.

And this might be the coolest feature of all. Are you ready for it? All my electric fireplaces double as TV stands Plus, they have storage for your media.

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