9 Tips to Find the Best Solar Panels for Home

A home solar power system purchase might be quite exciting, but don’t let the marketing hype fool you. Because your purchase is a significant investment and one that you’ll have in your life for a long time, make sure to pay attention to the crucial details.

Here are some recommendations about what to look for when buying a solar panel off grid or on grid system.

  1. Ask Around: Consult with your friends, relatives, neighbors, or coworkers who have solar PV systems installed. The finest solar-buying advice frequently comes from experienced installers and manufacturers of solar panels. They’ll be able to share their stories with you and even let you know if they have any issues. Luminous is one such experienced solar solutions provider that can give you the right advice.
  2. Manufacturer’s Warranty Duration: Note the assurances that the manufacturer provides. You would normally anticipate that your solar system will endure for a very long time, long enough to pay for itself and give you a profit, if the manufacturer is trustworthy and the panel guarantee period is lengthy (at least 25 years).
  3. Compare the Cost: Compare the parts and warranty terms, then research the installation business. While large, well-established businesses like Luminous can pass on significant savings as a result of their greater purchasing power, other businesses frequently lower expenses by making crucial compromises.
  4. Certifications for Solar Panels: This rule is applicable to all solar panel purchases, but it is especially relevant to those that might qualify for a government refund. The type of testing that has been done on solar panels is indicated by their certification.
  5. Choose the Type of Panels: In the past, very efficient (and expensive) mono-crystalline solar panels were required if you had a small amount of roof area. With the development of several thin film technologies and polycrystalline panel technology, this is quickly changing.

    Even so, you might want to think about panel sizes vs output, even if your roof has plenty of room. The power production of the area is not maximized if your roof is filled with inefficient solar panels, which will also limit your capacity to add more later.

  6. Mounting for Solar Panel: Verify that the tracking system, ground mounting, or roof are certified by engineers for the region you are in. Make sure you request copies of pertinent documentation and inquire about warranty policies and wind certification.
  7. Efficiency Of Solar Inverters: The device that transforms DC electricity from solar panels to AC energy suited for use in your house is known as a power inverter and is located between the panels and the appliances. The efficiency of the solar inverter will directly affect how long it will take for a system to pay for itself because not all solar inverters are created equal. A system’s inverter efficiency should be considered before purchase.
  8. Avoid Sales Advisors: Too many sales calls will not give you any right advice. Make sure you seek an advice from industry experts only.
  9. Gather the Solar Panel Quotes: When making a significant purchase, it is usually a good idea to get a few solar panel quotes since you will discover that prices vary greatly between companies. But don’t let price alone persuade you; using cheaper parts can lower the system’s initial cost. However, in terms of dependability and effectiveness, they can end up costing you more in the long run.

Best-In-Class Manufacturer can only Provide the best Solar Panel

If you want to experience the best of both worlds in terms of technology and sustainability, then browse the whole Luminous collection of solar panels for houses, with an exhaustive list of solar panel costs. Large-scale utility systems, rooftop installations for residential, commercial, and industrial uses, and agricultural pumping applications are just a few uses for the solar panels created by Luminous. They keep their solar panel prices reasonably low while ensuring high-quality goods to make it simple for our customers.

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