A Guide to Botox Lip Fillers

Big bold defined lips are all the rage in the beauty industry today. Many people are not naturally blessed with lips like this. While there are ways to use lip liner to make your lips look fuller by using a combination of lip liner and color. If you want a more permanent solution you may be considering going through a procedure to make your lips look more pronounced.

Cosmetic Procedures That Can Make Your Lips Fuller

Many people who are looking for a procedure that will plump their lips decide to invest in lip injections. These injections can last up to 12 months depending on what the injection contains.

The most common substance that is used is Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid is a chemical that is naturally occurring in your body that is very hydrating and will retain fluid and plump any cell it is located in. This chemical is often used in really nice moisturizers as well and is great for anti-aging serums. This option lasts anywhere between 6 and 12 months.

A New Way To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Sometimes when people receive lip injections to make their lips look fuller, their lips will look fake and it will be apparent that they had some work done. Also, there are times that after the effect of the injections were off their lips will look flatter than before the procedure.

Another procedure is growing in popularity because it provides much more natural results. This procedure is known as a botox lip flip. This procedure is completed by placing an injection of botox right above your upper lip so that it will relax and make your cupid bow more prominent.

The Best Benefits Botox Lip Flip

When you get a Botox lip flip the results will last as long as 3 months. These are a few of the reasons that everyone is choosing this procedure over traditional lip injections…

●  Natural Looking Results

Choosing to get a Botox lip flip will give you a much more natural-looking result than any other lip filler on the market. Having more natural results will mean that you do not have to let anyone know that you were not born with perfect lips.

● No Healing Time Required

This lip flip is not an evasive procedure like traditional lip fillers are. When you get lip injections there can be a lot of excess swelling for several days and may even cause damage.

● It is the Cheaper Options

Getting a Botox lip flip is significantly cheaper than getting lip injections. Lip injections can be very costly. Botox is commonly used in the medical industry and several cosmetic procedures so it is easier to locate and that makes it cost less.

● It is Very Rare to Have Side Effects

This procedure rarely has any side effects but it is very common for lip injections to cause negative reactions. Sometimes patients can suffer permanent damage when they receive traditional lip injections.

● Results Only Last Up To 3 Months

This is great if you decide that you do not like the results. With lip fillers, you are stuck with the results for up to a year. You do not want to have to hate your lips for a whole year after forking out a lot of money to have them filled.

Botox Lip Flip Over Traditional Lip Injections Every Day

The decision between getting traditional lip injections or getting a Botox lip flip is a simple one to make. The Botox lip flip wins by a landslide. If you are ready to try a cosmetic procedure to make your lips look fuller it is time for you to schedule your Botox lip flip. Treat yourself you deserve it and you will not regret it.

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