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A Guide to Handling Corrupted PDF Files and How to Repair it

The use of electronic documents has been on the rise even before the pandemic. Now that we are living in one, it has become the only medium for us to submit our requirements both for work and schooling. These electronic documents may come in different formats depending on what is required. One file format commonly used now for being easy to view, share and print, the PDF.

A PDF file is short for portable document format in which the software developer Adobe introduced. It is a compressed file format used as a more convenient way to send and view files since it is smaller compared to the original size. Since many people are using PDF, many applications include programs to read this file format. And in this article, we will be focusing on the reasons why PDF files are being corrupted and how to repair them through multiple methods.

How to Repair or Retrieve your PDF file

1. Conversion Websites

One method in repairing corrupted PDF files is the use of conversion websites. Conversion websites have a feature to repair PDF files. They are also free of charge hence you can access them without the burden of payment. With their user-friendly interface, you can easily follow their steps in repairing your corrupted file. One of the best website that you can is Gogopdf. Check the tool online and start repairing your files in seconds. 

2. Offline Applications

Some software developers have introduced applications that can work offline. Most of them feature programs that help in repairing corrupted files. These programs can be very helpful when there is a slow to no internet connection. The only downside is that you need to purchase the full version of their products to access this tool. Regardless of price, it is very beneficial to those who need to repair their PDF files. Remember that not all applications are the same thus reading and understanding the tutorial can be a big help.

3. Converting PDF to other File Formats

Converting PDF may not be the best option for you. But if you are desperate enough, you can try this method. The aim of converting corrupted pdf files to other file formats is to retrieve any data left from the corrupted file. When converting corrupted files, there is a tendency that details left in the file may be converted to a different file format. This method is usually used when there are no options left, and the data from the file is crucial to you.

The Reasons Why PDF Files are Corrupted

1. Early Disconnection or Improper Disconnection

As an office worker and student, the use of flash drives is very common. But sometimes, we tend to be impatient when it comes to waiting for the computer to finish transferring to the flash drive. This is the reason why some PDF files are corrupted. Another reason for corruption may stem from improper disconnection of flash drives after the transfer. Always wait for the computer to finish the transfer process and follow the rules in removing flash drives from your computer. You can make sure that the file is okay by opening and inspecting it.

2. Improper Download

One reason why there is corruption among PDF files is due to improper download of these files. It may be the cause of fluctuation and slow internet speed due to inconsistent internet connection. Always check the downloaded file if there are any problems with the file. Check the internet connection as well when you are downloading.

3. Computer Virus

One problem we normally encounter with computers with no antivirus is the infection of stored files in the device. The infected files stored in the computer become compromised and sometimes deleted. It can also be a source of infection towards other electronic gadgets. If not treated immediately, it can cause data loss and sometimes the corruption of multiple files, including PDF. Make sure to protect your computers from viruses, and if ever you are infected, treat immediately to minimize damage.

In Conclusion

With the progress of time, technology advances. It is the same when it comes to tools used for PDF files. Comparing PDF today to when PDF has just started, the corrupted PDF file is much easier to retrieve and repair now. With this article, you now know the dos and don’ts when it comes to using PDF files. You also know how to choose the best method when it comes to repairing a corrupted file. But bear in mind, the result may vary depending on how corrupted your file is.

When it comes to using the methods in repairing and retrieving your PDF file, always remember that the repaired file may not be fully fixed. It is dependent on how badly the corrupted file is. If the file has minimal damage, then likely more parts of the file will be repaired. If otherwise, better to create a new file or use the third method to extract details from the corrupted file.

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