6 Tips On Buying The Perfect Pair Of Sneakers

What’s the last pair of shoes you bought? Most likely, it was a pair of uber-cool sneakers. A popular type of shoe, sneakers are a comfortable and versatile option for your feet.

It’s easy to find popular sneaker brands like New Balance at stores like Foot Locker. Such stores carry a wide range of brands and styles, including limited edition models and exclusive drops, making them the ideal place to find your perfect pair of sneakers.

Whether you’re entirely new to sneakers or are a seasoned sneakerhead, this article has got you covered. Here are six tips to keep in mind while sneaker shopping.

Buy The Right Size – One of the most fundamental things you can do during your sneaker search is to try the sneakers on, walk or jog around the store, and keep trying on new pairs until you find the perfect fit. Also, you may not want to buy a pair of slightly tight sneakers, thinking you can break them in after a few wears. In most cases, you won’t be able to.

Consider The Activity or Event – There are so many types of sneakers out there, from casual ones to fancy leather sneakers worn for formal occasions. If you’re just going for a walk or heading to coffee with your friends, the kind of sneakers you wear will differ from sneakers you’d wear to black-tie events.

Make Sure The Sole Is Good – Adding to the first point about finding the right fit, make sure the sole offers solid support and is cushioned enough for your precious feet.

Communicate Well With The Sales Person – Some things to remember before stepping foot into the shoe store are:

  • The types of shoes that have worked for you in the past
  • Whether you have a wide or narrow foot
  • Kinds of foot problems you’ve had, such as blisters, arch and heel pain, bunions, or hammertoes
  • If your feet or ankles swell throughout the day
  • Injury history or any joint pain in your ankles, knees, and hips

Let the salesperson know about any concerns and questions you may have and let them know about the information to the questions mentioned above.

Don’t Keep Switching Brands – If you find a type of sneaker that works for you, you may want to stick with it. Many brands are consistent with the way they make their sneakers, so you may want to go with a tried and tested style or brand. Unless, of course, you love to experiment with sneakers! In that case, don’t let this article stop you from buying different sneakers to your heart’s content!

Replace Your Sneakers Regularly – As a rule of thumb, replace your sneakers every 8 – 12 months or show signs of wear and tear as soon as it shows signs of wear and tear. Designer sneakers or sneakers of high quality will last longer, so it may be worth it to splurge on a good pair.

Overall, sneakers are a staple of your everyday life and should be picked carefully. Brands such as New Balance at Foot Locker or similar stores offer a wide range of stylish, high-quality sneakers in various styles. Check them out in-store or online!

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