A to Z of the smartphone market 

A simple but confusing question for you, what is the most popular device in the world? It is a smartphone. The smartphone is our closest companion. You can live some days without food, water, but it is hard for a modern human being to live a single day without a smartphone.

The smartphone market has observed many recognizable changes throughout these decades. In 2020-21 there are many fantastic smartphone manufacturers with their outstanding smartphone units. Do you know the list of most selling brands?

 Top smartphone sellers of 2020

According to the smartphone market analyzing, Samsung is at the top poison globally. Challenging the Chinese giant Huawei is having trouble with goggle support; they are at the 2nd on the list. But for Huawei, things are getting complicated. Recently this brand is launching a smartphone with its operative system, ‘Harmony’.

Another Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is at the 3rd position of the list. Then comes the most cherished brand; Apple’s iPhone.


Brand Market share (%)
Samsung 22.00
Huawei 14.1
Xiaomi 12.1
Apple 11.1
OPPO 8.2
Others 32.5


Why Samsung is the top?

In the smartphone market, Samsung is a long racing horse. This brand is manufacturing smartphones for years. They have spread the business into the local areas of different countries. But do you know the most important thing? Samsung has built smartphones for people of all ranges. So, all over the world, this brand is getting popularity.

Xiaomi: best at lowest

Following the same strategy, Xiaomi has become one of the most popular smartphone brands within a few years. The best phones at the lowest price are the motto of Xiaomi.

 Apple: Nobel phone

Apple is the leader of innovation. 1st smartphone comes from this brand. advanced technology with the latest devices, this is apple

Apple is the sign of aristocracy. You cannot buy these phones without a heavy pocket.

Thus smartphone brands are maintaining their business. Due to Coved 19, the selling rate decreases by 5% all over the world. I hope this year; the world will get amazing smartphones at the best rate.

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