ACNH Mysterious Character Breakdown – Which Character Has Been Sending Us Balloon Presents In Animal Crossing

Floating presents have always been a fun surprise flying through the sky. For 20 years, we’ve been chasing them around and shooting them down. Sometimes they hold wonderful items like bells and ACNH Gold Nugget, and sometimes clay. We’ve all spent hours chasing these things around our islands hoping for something rare to drop from them. No matter how annoying they may be to shoot down. Even if it ends up being a worthless clothing item or a simple piece of furniture. Nothing beats the joy of seeing a nicely wrapped gift flying towards you as you go about your day. We’ve never really gotten any hints as to why these exist in the world of Animal Crossing. As we play, we have just kind of accepted their existence. New Horizons is a life simulator, and flying presents aren’t a natural phenomenon. Yet here they are, whooshing by us, messing with our temptations, and receive a gift the game has given us. Who sends us these wonderful surprises? What’sin it for them? Are they sending us meaningfulitems or just sending us their junk? Buy Rdp easily from reliable source.

Who Sends Us These Wonderful Surprises?

There’s an incredible number of NPCs that could take on this role. Maybe it’s the missing Kappn’? Though, I hope he would send us to another island rather than just giving us clothes. Maybe we could find some mini-games wrapped nicely for us. we would expect some kind of sea shanty-related ACNH Items. The absence of these or something related to his wonderful wife, due to his constant obsession with women, means that Kappn’ probably isn’t the one floating these across the sky. Though it would explain where he spends his time during the day when he wasn’t transporting us to and from other islands or the city. Maybe the missing Tortimer? But he was old 20 years ago. so, who knows if he’s still kicking. And he probably was hanging around the wishing well while the presents were flying by in the original Animal Crossing. So, we can probably rule him out. It’s probably not someone that currently exists on the island all the time, like Nook or Isabelle. How would they fill balloons with helium and shove them across the sky while also hanging out on the island? They don’t magically appear from the middle of the island, they float from who knows where in the middle of the ocean. So, this rules out the animals we see around the island every day as well as the rotating schedule of special characters who appear during the week. This also means that event characters like Zipper or Jingle can’t possibly be the present culprit as presents fly by all day every day. This doesn’t leave too many characters free to spend all day standing over a helium tank. Who could be this mysterious character? Is it someone we know? Or maybe the balloon person is someone we haven’t met.

The Most Personable Character Of Balloon Present Sending 

We get letters from Mom occasionally throughout the year in every Animal Crossing installment. She sends us funny, cute letters to remind us of the fake homes that we left when we decided to start over in a new place. In New Horizons, she sends us a letter once a month usually around the first of the month with a gift attached. She’s always there to remind us of home while giving us encouraging words of support to help us on our new adventure. We hear a lot from Mom. About how her day has been going, how she feels about the new season approaching, with some cute trinkets attached. Someone who we rarely hear from Dad.

Dad is another character that’s been around in the series since the beginning. He rarely communicated with us over the past installments and has completely disappeared in New Horizons. He used to write on Father’s Day showing face and pretending like we haven’t been completely forgotten by contacting us once a year. In past games, he sent us a red carnation to go along with the pink one our Mom sent us on Mother’s Day. Because carnations don’t seem to exist in the world of New Horizons, or maybe we just used up our parents’ entire stock of them in past games, our Dad has no reason to write to us. So, what is he doing with all this free time, especially now that he doesn’t have to take the entire year to craft the perfectly written letter? Sounds like he’s got a ton of time to figure out the impossible physics of balloon presents. He is someone that we never physically see. Maybe he’s just been chilling right off our islands sending balloons. He’s the only, if not one of few, characters that are available to send presents every day. Dad is the only character that would get any satisfaction of sending us anonymous gifts. He doesn’t write like mom. Instead, he’s created his way to show that he loves us. There is no other person or animal in the game that would benefit from sending us presents especially anonymously. He benefits by providing gifts to his child to help us on our new adventure. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to overstep by allowing us to be independent, but still helping out his kid. Always watching over us. Maybe he thinks we’re a little cold and sends us a sweater in the middle of summer. He was excited about finding clay in a rock one time and wanted to share his hard work with us. and now and then, we get a 30000 Animal Crossing Bells bonus.

The villagers around the island never interact with the presents. They don’t look up at the sky or say too much about them even though they mention game mechanics like you digging up fossils or burying money for money trees. These presents seem invisible to everyone else. Because they know they’re meant just for us. Over the years, we assumed the presents came from a random NPC getting rid of their junk. Someone who’s filled up their storage and decides to throw us a bone instead of selling it to their own Timmy and Tommy. But our dad secretly sending us gifts, so he doesn’t overstep his bounds as parents just make too much sense. our dad hasn’t forgotten about us. Dad being the ultimate present connoisseur would be the perfect story for the balloon presents. Makes us feel not forgotten after we have moved on from our childhood home to venture out on our own for the first time.For more information visit here ytmp3

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