Aconcagua is more mental than physical, I guarantee it

To climb Aconcagua cheap, you need to locate trustworthy and really serious people in Mendoza. I was training for more than a year before starting my Aconcagua ascenso (as my friend Juan said). I met him a year before the trek on another trip to Mendoza. Unlike the other agencies, who wanted to sell me any tour and told me that anything was possible. Jean sincerely told me Let’s choose this route, not this one / it’s better this season / the path is not safe at the moment / etc. ” . “. I kept in touch with Jean after that to prepare for my next trip. We make the ascent to Cerro Bonete. The organization was perfect, the food was good, and the rented equipment was of good quality in sufficient quantity. The guide was very flexible (when one of our expedition members had a problem with his equipment), and our guides were true professionals of the mountain. It was a wonderful experience; it was the first time I did this activity in Aconcagua Argentina. Everyone was always available and kind to answer the questions of this newcomer in detail. When I arrived in Mendoza, I already had a clear idea of ​​how each day of the day would be since we had planned everything and the schedule of activities developed as they were presented to us. The work team is excellent; our guide made the mountain trip very pleasant; his support and support were vital the first days while we acclimatized. The muleteer with the mules did an excellent job transporting our belongings, arranging for everything to be upright when we reached each point so that we could rest immediately. The cook took the experience to another level. The experience was so good that I plan to return for my second adventure in Mount Aconcagua; I hope to be lucky enough to make this trip with the same team. Everything was very well organized. Our guide is exceptional. Very professional, he speaks perfect English; he has a lot of exciting information to share. We were always walking at our step, and he gave us a lot of tips; we were never hurrying. He is also a great climbing guide; we always feel safe with his leadership and decisions. The rest of the crew were terrific, too; the chef cooked very tasty and varied meals, including local Andean energy drinks and fresh fruit; we were never short of anything to eat after our climb. Nice! We always had water or beverages to hydrate ourselves in the camps. The mules were very well cared for and not overloaded, and the muleteers were supermen. Overall, we are delighted and would recommend doing an Aconcagua guided climb to anyone. The hike is spectacular, beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes and very few tourists, so peaceful. It was the highlight of our three-week trip.

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