Acrylic nail kit for beginners: Why and how to use them?

Acrylic nail kit are a great and affordable way for beginners to get a nice result and experiment with nail art without the risk of getting too frustrated. Even if you’re an experienced pro it can be useful, especially when travelling or doing your nails on clients (less possibility of chipping).

In this content, I will describe why and how to use this kit for getting better results in nail art. After reading this content, you can easily determine if this method is good for you. So, let’s dig in deep!

What is Acrylic nail kit?

This is a kit for nails made of acrylic and gel. The “Acrylic” part means that it has powder and liquid form which you mix together to create a polymer (plastic). When this plastic becomes solid, it will be as hard as your natural nails. When the plastic sets, you sculpt it using nail files and buffers.

This kit comes with many different items, an instruction manual, brush/applicator, acetone for hardening the result and kit glue. When your client is wearing this kit you must use kit glue to make it durable.

When should I choose this kit?

This method is good for beginners because it’s faster compared to gel nails that require UV light for hardening. This type is also good for doing your nails quickly before an event or taking pictures, like weddings or halloween (you can easily do it by yourself).

Even if you’re an experienced nail artist, this method is useful when you’re travelling, to your clients (less possibility of chipping) and the possibility of removing it quickly.

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How to use this kit?

There are some simple steps to follow:

Step 01: You must start with a clear base to make your nails look natural and clean. If you’re going to sculpt the tip, soak it for 1-2 seconds in acetone and wipe your nail to remove the residue (it will be sticky).

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Step 02: Apply the first layer of acrylic or gel making sure that there aren’t bumps or bubbles. If you want to, now is the time to do a nail tip.

Step 03: Apply the second layer of acrylic or gel and sculpt it. Use a file and a buffer/emery board for this step. Now is the time to use your imagination because there are no limits!

Step 04: Remove the residue from your nails and soak them in acetone for 10-15 seconds.

Step 05: You must apply a thin layer of acrylic or gel glue to make your nails durable.

Step 06: Apply another thin layer on top of the previous one and you’re done! Now it’s very important that you wait at least 30 minutes before doing anything with your nails or they may break.

How to maintain this kit?

Maintenance is very important for healthy looking nails, so keep in mind these steps:

  • Use a nail file to remove the top layer of acrylic every week. Do not do it too often because it can be too harsh and damage your nails.
  • Always add a layer of top coat to keep the proper smoothness and shine
  • Use a buffer/emery board once in a while, this way you can reduce any damage from filing.
  • When removing your nails for good, soak them in acetone without removing the glue layer. Doing so will ensure coating will not come off together with the acrylic.
  • Use a thick layer of cuticle oil every day after removing the acrylicRead More About:

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