Advantages of Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing Strategies

Many business owners often debate the merits of traditional vs digital marketing. But what they fail to realize is that, regardless of which one you use, that your company has an increased likelihood of success if you use both methods in tandem. 

The Problem With Traditional Marketing Methods

You see, although traditional advertising campaigns do tend to get a bit more clicks per day, studies have shown that a large chunk of those clicks was simply wasted. People either didn’t find your ad because they didn’t read it, weren’t interested in it, or the ad was not relevant to the content they were seeking out. This wasted traffic can cost your company money, especially if you’re a small startup. With the advent of the internet, this problem has been greatly reduced, and your company’s conversion rates have begun to skyrocket. Social media marketing (including podcasting) plays the biggest role here. Do you want to market your product on Spotify? You need to get Spotify followers for that and some websites can help you do it.

Advantage Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is much easier to track since you can typically obtain demographic information on who is viewing your ads. Therefore, you can fine-tune your ads for a more appropriate target audience. If your ad starts getting plenty of views but is not converting at a decent clip, then tweaking your strategy may be necessary. But if you’re not seeing conversions coming in, then all the hard work you’ve put into getting these clicks are wasted. With traditional marketing tactics, you don’t have this luxury.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter which method you choose to boost sales. Both methods will bring you in more traffic, and you can benefit from using both together. You need to maximize your marketing efforts before you start selling, because it’s normal to expect that marketing stops before the sales cycle does.  Here are a few common ways you can take advantage of both traditional marketing tactics and online marketing methods. Use the information below as a guide. Just don’t act on any of them without gathering solid data first!

Traditional Marketing Strategies

New digital marketing strategies have revolutionized the way companies sell their products. Pay Per Click ads, RSS feeds, and social media are just some of the new buzzwords being pushed by SEO (search engine optimization) experts who want to drive traffic to their websites. Companies with traditional marketing campaigns are trying their best to figure out new ways to incorporate these techniques into their arsenal to drive traffic to their websites.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using new digital techniques. Some of the benefits include; you don’t have to worry about creating a huge advertising campaign, and you can easily start a conversation without spending a lot of money. Some of the main downfalls include; there’s no way to measure how many people were inspired to buy when they saw your ad, and if your business fails, you’ll be stuck throwing money away. The truth is, there are some major advantages to using these new methods for your marketing. Below we’ll discuss those advantages and disadvantages.

Social Media Pages vs. Traditional Marketing Methods

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing methods is the fact that most people who use them can stay connected with their friends, family, and coworkers. Using social media pages, your customers can easily reach out to you and share what’s going on within their lives. Many traditional marketing methods don’t allow for this because most of them are more geared towards mass media, and not the immediate personal connections that customers and clients need.

Target Audience VS Conventional Marketing Strategies

Another one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing over conventional marketing is the fact that it is easier to target an audience. The audience is already on the computer, and they can quickly and easily get information about products or services that you have to offer. Conventional marketing campaigns usually require you to reach out to random people who you think may be interested in your product or service. Because of this, you’re often spending money on marketing services that aren’t cost-effective and can potentially alienate your target audience.


Digital marketers are beginning to benefit from the growing trend towards social media marketing. It has many advantages over traditional methods of marketing, as it allows for greater control and greater flexibility. In addition, a great deal of time can be spent targeting your audience, rather than trying to reach out to people who may not be interested in what you are offering. If you’re a small business or just starting in your marketing career, social media marketing may be the best option for you.

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