Aesthetic Outfits: How You Can Ace Aesthetic Fashion?

As opposed to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of money to have an aesthetic or a signature style of your own and sport it. However, what you definitely need is the resource and knowledge to develop your signature style and practice sporting it. To be able to be effortlessly capable of doing that, you need to start with some everyday experiments by focusing on sustainability and utilising what’s already there in your wardrobe rather them spending on new ones. Hope this article will help with the know-how about aesthetic outfits. Get your best fashion items from orSlow – premium Denim & Clothing.

Importance of Finding an Aesthetic

You might think that you don’t want to set your clothing in a certain aesthetic style and freestyle your way. If you have naturally good taste, you will manage to make it work most of the time. But what you don’t know is that by picking bits and pieces, missing and matching, you will manage to create a good combination to pull off your signature style.

But unless you are the rare trendsetter, you will be mixing aesthetics without even realising it. . Also, if you feel good without even trying to follow a certain aesthetic, imagine how great you can look when you find your aesthetic and dress that way occasionally. So, freestyle all you want because that is perfect in itself, but do explore more options, choose sustainability and switch it up just a bit, every once in a while.

Choosing an Aesthetic

Firstly, it is important to understand the types of the best fashion aesthetic outfits that exist in fashion, old or new. Then you can research which aesthetic works for your face, hair, and body type. And then figure out if your personality goes with it. If you don’t find an aesthetic that suits your natural appearance and complements your personality, you need to switch one of those things up. Try not to stress too much over which aesthetic speaks to your personality. Clothing isn’t about defining you; it is about enhancing your style. There is no set combination of personality and fashion or aesthetics.

Pro Tip: It is always better to switch up your hair or makeup style instead of being uncomfortable. Keep the personality and adjust the looks. Always choose an aesthetic that you will feel comfortable in. Comfort is key. Be yourself!

Choosing an aesthetic in sync with your personality simply means choosing something you like and will be comfortable in. So, the key elements you are looking for when you pick an aesthetic are:

  • Find out which aesthetic the styling elements of your liking belong to.
  • Make your personal, physical and social comfort a priority.
  • Find out which colours complement your skin.
  • Experiment with a hairstyle that works for you.
  • Try out clothes of various aesthetics to finally pick your favourite.

This will be your go-to aesthetic. However, it does not mean you don’t get to try a different look. The thing is you should not end up with your style becoming one-dimensional. But by mixing elements collected from different aesthetics, you can learn to look chic every time and keep it diverse.

Options in Aesthetic Outfits

1] Cottagecore

Some might say “God knows why this aesthetic took so long to become popular”! Well, the reason behind this opinion is that some elements, such as the retro, like checked cotton dresses, or floral prints aren’t supposed to go out of style ever. On top of that, adding in the high boots and floppy hats render the next generation vibe. This aesthetic is a peaceful, modern country, very comfortable and practical. It goes better in warm or moderate climates. Cottagecore winter wear needs more expertise in fashion but it works perfectly.

 2] Artsy

This is one of the most comfortable aesthetics that gives out a strong statement. Dungarees, practical trousers, a combination of loose and tight fits, fun colours, and immense scope for creativity are embodied in this aesthetic. The best thing is this aesthetic works for people of all genders alike.

3] Normcore

It is how it sounds – this is the most understated aesthetic and the simplest one, to begin with. If you are trying for a style that does not stand out too much, this will be your go-to style. It works with basic-looking tops and jeans, shirts and trousers, oversized layering, anything can be normcore. It is to be remembered that the style quotient with respect to this aesthetic depends on the fit – either perfectly fitted or boldly oversized.

4] Y2K

Y2K fashion is more popular among the Gen Z. It is to them what the 90s was to millennials and 80s fashion was to Gen X. Futuristic prints, neon colours, tech and pop undertones, glitch patterns, and bold accessories complete this aesthetic. It is loud in a good way. It is confident and brave like the young people today.

5] Goth

Mostly black, a lot of leather, statement eye makeup, specific accessories like chains and belts, dark lipstick, and tattoos complete Gothic aesthetic outfits. This aesthetic opens the world of lip and eye makeup to all genders. The tattoos and coloured hair are not mandatory to classify Goth but do complete the look. They are usually graveyard flowers or skeletons, or animals. But could be anything with mostly black ink but some dark colours to juxtapose.

6] High Fashion

If you were waiting for that look with beautiful heels, long coats, and layered fashion statements with statement shades, this is the one. This is the Devil Wears Prada look. Need we say more? This look does cost money but remember, fashion isn’t about price at all. It is about utility and sustainability.

These are only some of the popular aesthetics outfits that come in handy at any event. But there are so many more amazing looks like the Bohemian look, the retro vintage look, metal, emo, grunge, preppy, and the go-to styles, casual and minimalistic. Explore all the aesthetics and choose aesthetic outfits for different occasions.

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