Air conditioner cleaning: some tips from the professionals

The air conditioner is one of the indispensable things in the house. In hot and stuffy weather, this device will give us a coolness, and in cold weather – the possibility not to walk around the apartment in warm clothes. But, as well as any other technique, conditioner should be cleaned, used correctly and protected from different mechanical damages. So, how to clean conditioner and what is necessary for this? Some tips from professionals.

If you have never had such procedures, it is advised to appeal to professionals, because it is very easy to damage conditioner, and the consequences will be very expensive. Nowadays, there is a 24 hour air conditioning service ready to come to your aid at any time and solve any problem related to your air conditioners.

The main signs that it’s time to get your air conditioner cleaned

Absolutely all models of such equipment are equipped with an advanced filtration system that better cleans the air from the street. If the system gets clogged, it increases the power consumption of the air conditioner, resulting in unstable running time of the air conditioner. This problem can be avoided by timely preventive maintenance. It is recommended to do it at least twice a year – in spring and autumn. When you clean your air conditioner, you prolong its service life. The main signs of a dirty air conditioner are unpleasant smells, noises, reduced power and increased energy consumption.

By the way, a dirty air conditioner can negatively affect the performance of the compressor, the main working organ in air conditioning systems.

If a musty odor appears, the inside of the air conditioner and its filter elements should be cleaned immediately. If you postpone cleaning, the likelihood of later air conditioner repairs increases. In addition to the smell, there are several other signs that the split system needs cleaning:

  • A decrease in the unit’s operating capacity.
  • Increased power consumption.

Frozen piping and connection fittings.

Cleaning the filter

First of all, you need to start cleaning the filter, which is considered one of the most vulnerable parts of the air conditioner. It is the protection for some of the elements inside the air conditioner. It looks like a small mesh and is located behind the front panel. First of all, turn off the air conditioner, while simultaneously pulling the front panel up and out. Under the cover you will see the filter itself, which should be taken out of the indoor unit. It is desirable to take it out by the bottom part. The filter should be thoroughly washed with water with or without antiseptic. After this procedure it is necessary to dry it well.

It is necessary to clean the external unit, as contamination without thorough treatment can lead to overheating of the compressor with a radiator, which will lead to the failure of these parts. Even if the air conditioner unit is installed on the outside of the balcony or next to a window, cleaning it can be difficult. If you do not have the proper equipment and you can not protect yourself during the work, it is better to entrust this matter to the specialists of a professional company Before you start the device, unplug it completely, remove fallen leaves, branches and other debris. After that, remove the protective cover and wipe everything inside. Wipe the fan with a damp cloth and wash the radiator carefully so that water does not get on the electrical components.

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