All about a Brad Nailer and When to Use This Type of Nail Gun

A nail gun is a nail gun that is frequently used to fasten woodcuts together in woodwork and small shank moldings. It is a power tool designed to pull 18 gauge brads on wood for supply. The best nail guns available are exceptionally versatile when it comes to nail housing and can handle many different projects. Brad’s claws are extremely small and have slender heads, making them almost invisible on the surface of the wood. This usually means that you won’t have to fill the holes with wood putty. But to be sure it performs as expected; you want to acquire the perfect one, especially when it comes to maintenance, ease of use, and length of nail accommodation. This will ensure better performance and prolong its use.

Types of Brad Nailers

There are now two forms of nail gun, an electric nailer and a pneumatic nailer.

Brad Electric Nailer

This type of nailer features an electric motor that can drive gauge nails throughout the wood.

If you are using this type of nailer it is essential that you have a first aid kit as it could lead to damage if handled improperly. Electric nailers are a bit more expensive than pneumatic nailers. However, in the long run, the electric variety will be cheaper because it requires less maintenance.

There are two versions of electric nailers accessible in corded versions as well as cordless versions. A corded nailer is powered by connecting it to an electrical outlet via an extension cable. But, they are rarely available today. Despite the electric version, the cordless nailer includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery that has an acceptable run time before recharging.


Electric nailers are absolutely easy to use and maintain. With vast improvements over time, the cordless version comes with much more power and is generally loved by professionals.

Rechargeable batteries have also gotten considerably smaller and lighter, so it’s a laptop and gives it the ability to last a decent hour. You can even buy more batteries for backup. Unlike the best accessible pin nailers, which do not have the spirit of a pin, wood fastening nails are much easier to set compared to pin nailers. This makes them a great alternative to power tools for jobs such as:


If you opt for semi-automatic nailers, you will be limited by the length of the cable and the socket locations. As for the wireless version, you might be limited by its lifespan and power. Electric nailers are also not widely preferred for heavy-duty jobs such as framing and roofing, as they cannot provide the exact same stress as pneumatic nailers. You may find some versions offered for heavy-duty jobs, but these versions are not as readily available due to their compressed air counterparts. In many of these scenarios, it may be best to choose a pin nailer.

Brad Pneumatic Nailer

This variety of brad nailer uses compressed air to work. It is a light hose that runs the compressor. Pneumatic nailers are quite popular because they help employees create a tidy and professional end. Just like the electric nailer to use, it is an important thing to handle pneumatic nailers with great care to avoid accidents. You’ll find an assortment of pneumatic nailers in today’s market, so choose one that meets your needs. They are quite inexpensive compared to electric nailers, but they require a lot of maintenance over time.


Pneumatic nailers are extremely efficient and are capable of forcing long, thick claws through heavy substances. This makes it an ideal alternative for heavy duty jobs like roofing your own sheds, floors and frames. They are also very versatile and can be found in a variety of layouts for different types of jobs, especially for those that require a delicate and thorough finish like a brad nailer. They are also easy to maintain and clean, and their simple design makes them easy to adjust. These types of nailers are quite durable because they are designed for heavy use. With proper care and maintenance, you can actually extend their durability.


Since pneumatic nailers are extremely strong, it can be harmful to use them without the proper expertise and maintenance, and when you don’t understand how to handle them properly, you risk getting injured. This is not to say that injuries occur due to a design flaw, they are really easy to use due to their simple assembly, even for beginners of their very first DIY project. As you rely on an air compressor and an air compressor to use this type of nailer, it may prevent you from moving freely. If you are working in a large area, you will always need to take the blower with you, which makes it less mobile than electric nailers.

For something softer and more temporary, a great crown stapler does the job for you. Other than that, if you need to indulge incomparable efforts involving furniture, you might also want to find out about a great stapler for your upholstery.

Brad Nail Gun Maintenance

Just like with any other machine, brad nailers need maintenance and care to ensure they last long and run efficiently. Here are some tips to make sure your brad finish nailer stays as functional as a new one:


The moving metal components of your nailer should be lubricated regularly to prevent the components from clogging or jamming. The air hose should also be lubricated to ensure a proper nail shot. Also, remember to use lubricants for pneumatic nailers, as other oils can damage rubber components.

Influenza Exposure and Storage

Avoid exposing your nailers in areas with salt and higher humidity. Exposing tools in coastal areas will cause rust and prevent them from functioning. If you are not using the nailer, always keep it in an airtight place and do not store it in cold areas.

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